PlayStation Store Sales in North America: August 16 to 22, 2016

This week on the North American PlayStation Store, you’ll find Rockstar Games and Telltale Games Publisher Sales, as well as discounts on Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline that place them under $5 each.

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1213d ago
dauntingcookie1213d ago

If you don't buy Battlefield 4 for less than $5 you are wrong.

NotoriousWhiz1213d ago

I like that Battlefield 4 on PS3 costs more than Battlefield 4 on PSN.

Silly Mammo1213d ago

Does BF4 have a single player campaign? It would be worth $5 just to do that.

hongthay1213d ago

yes, it does have a single-player campaign. Kind of over the top Michael Bay-esque singleplayer.

Killz4Twinkies1213d ago

It does! Nothing too special, but worth $5 for sure

DefenderOfDoom21213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

I guess for 5 dollars just to play the Battlefield 4 campaign is not a bad deal .

SonyWarrior1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

damn i just bought the physical copy hardlines for $9.99... i would have just done the download for half price since i know its probably going to be bad like every one tells me.

Rare1213d ago

it's actually allot of fun 👌

blackblades1213d ago

Deja vu Its like I seen these sales multiple times before.

nevin11213d ago

It seems like PS2 GTA goes on sale every 2 months.

Personally, I think they're way overpriced.

ZombieKiller1212d ago

I wish I didn't buy The Wolf Among Us when I about getting shafted. I bought it at full price and two days later it goes on sale. Not to mention I was thinking about picking up the Batman game and it came free as a pre-order bonus for it. Literally days after I purchased it. THEN... as if they didn't add enough insult to injury it goes on a permanent price drop and THEN a sale FM-MFing-L!
No seriously if there are no refunds on the PlayStation Store than they should at least have a five-day sale price guarantee where if it goes on sale in the next 5 days they should give you that price. Even if the refund was in a store credit of some sort

goathouse7741213d ago

Galak-Z for 10 bucks is the thing to do. The brand new free DLC The Void is basically what the game should've been from the start, and it's the only mode I'm likely to ever play again. Score attacking at its finest.

Hoffmann1213d ago

Am glad it was a ps+ game a few months ago. It was in one of these months where the most people complained about the crap games.

I tried out Galak-Z after reading postive reviews and experienced that they were right. It is a great game and worth 15-25 bucks for sure.

instantstupor1213d ago

It is a fine game indeed. And if anyone has a modest PC and wants to save some scratch, you can get Galak-Z with a couple other games in the $1 tier on Humble Bundle right now. Between bundles and PS Plus I have more games than any sane person can handle lol.

Hoffmann1213d ago

Are you the brother of Roman Reigns?

Xavior_Reigns1213d ago

Yes and Im at fault for his empire's fall.

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