No Man's Sky: Explore Four Types of Star Systems For Rare Rewards

On PC & PS4: There are multiple types of Star Systems in No Man's Sky. Learn all about this easy-to-miss feature right here.

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thorstein1211d ago

There are very rare binary systems too!

joab7771210d ago

I can't wait. Working on getting the ship I want and then I'm gonna work on decking it out and chasing down these systems.

I'm hoping eventually w base building you will have to search the galaxy for very rare mats to build what you want. Also, I hope they keep adding tons of different blueprints etc. This in itself would keel me playing for awhile. Another simple addition would be faction wars etc.

Yesterday I met a warrior who was making an atom bomb to destroy the vex. I told them about it and gained rep. If they could take this a step further, maybe things are very hostile in areas of factions you are at odds with, maybe special or rare type ships.

ruefrak1210d ago

This is what I love about this game. The universe needs to be figured out. There's no hand holding. The community is learning and sharing things and that's awesome.

mkis0071210d ago

I'm really glad the people who don't like the game or hate it are not able to bring it down. I have sunk at least 30 hours into the game at this point, which makes it my 2nd most played game of the generation behind fallout 4. This will eclipse that game for sure! I just like the focus being taken off combat and being placed more on discovery.

TheNocturnus1210d ago

I am loving this game. I have to spend my free time wisely these days. I am an artist too, so dividing time between drawing and playing this game is hard!