What game developers are saying about No Man's Sky

It seems like all of gamedom is buzzing about No Man's Sky. It's had the most successful Steam launch of the year, and it's inspired almost as many think pieces as there are planets in its vast procedurally generated galaxy.

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ArchangelMike1215d ago

The proceedural technology in this game is definately going to have an impact on future game development. Hello Games have set a benchmark in world generation. I can only imagine what the next iteration of the technogy will bring. Both from a gameplay as well as a design perspective.

If No Man's Sky is Uncharted 1, what will it's equivalent of The Last of Us look like?

Filmicfps1215d ago

what benchmark? whats so special about this one? its just random?

TwoForce1215d ago

You don't get it, do you ? Game is about explore the universe and more importantly the game doesn't need to be hardcore. It's simple and people like it. Even Horizon Zero Dawn dev said that they try to create very simple crafting without too complicated.

iceman061215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Procedural does NOT equal random. Hello Games had to put in rules on top of the algorithm in order to get some order out of the generation. It's an interesting way of creating the visuals for the game. Where you might see nothing "special", others are excited by the idea that procedural generation created some of the beautiful landscapes that we've seen. Not all of them are breathtaking. But, every so often, you get one that really does look like someone took time to meticulously put it together.

Edit: I didn't make the initial comment about a "benchmark". But, I'm assuming he's referring to the use of procedural generation to this extent and the fact that, while there might be issues, it worked. This could lead to others, or Hello Games, refining the technique in the future. At least, that's my take on ArchangelMike's comment.

Filmicfps1215d ago

@twoforce- "Game is about explore the universe and more importantly the game doesn't need to be hardcore. "

But this has nothing to do with my question? whats so special about the procedural generation? i didnt say anything about hardcore? u didnt get my question.

@iceman- but what benchmark has been created? some things look nice is not a benchmark

darthv721215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

They are saying "why didn't we think of that"

1nsomniac1215d ago

I agree with @Filmicfps, what makes the procedural generation so groundbreaking in this game??

It's the newest game to use this tech yes, but from the around 6 hours that I have played its the least most technically impressive use that i've seen. There is so little variation. In all fairness i've only played for about 6 hours like I said which has only been around 6-8 planets but there's very, very little I've seen that I didn't really see on the very first planet. The odds of coincidentally visiting planets that the only real change is the colour range & toxicity that is just a random number generator surely show that the system isn't actually very good.

A lot of people seem to be way caught up in the hype & spin that was fed to them. They're not really clearing their mind & actually taking a moment to take it in then consider what is actually going on for themselves.

It's crazy to see normal, what seem like smart people, suddenly gush into this "groundbreaking" nonsense that they keep getting told while ignoring the very real physicality & the fact that procedural generation is not anything new.

KwietStorm1215d ago

It's not random at all. That's like the entire basis of the game design. It's procedural.

Aloy-Boyfriend1215d ago

The tech used in this game will be influential in the future. That is what Mike basically said

kraenk121215d ago

Stop trolling rookie. In one post you're praising the fame in the next you're hating again. The only thing random here are your comments.

Dasteru1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Nothing random about it. Too many people seem to completely misunderstand what procedural generation actually is.

Think of it like an AI. You have to put in rulesets for the generation to work from. Things like types of objects available, where said objects can be located (Not sticking huge rivers in the middle of a desert) How many of said objects can be together in a specific radius, the likelyhood of any type of object being generated, etc, etc. The more complex this code it, the better the generation turns out. Make it complex enough, and it can easily be just as dynamic and realistic as any person could do manually. Only real difference is that instead of manually placing each object yourself, you create a program with a ruleset, which then does it for you at a super fast rate.

one2thr1215d ago

Procedural Generation=/=Random Generation

madforaday1215d ago

They also made these "bots" that fly through the whole universe and pretty much "test" the game for them. Those bots take pictures and see what is around in the universe. I am sure you can edit these bots for other games for developers to test out their own game in a much quicker way. You are thinking of what the game is, but it is more about the is under the hood.

gamerswin241215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Its innovating and moving procedurally generated worlds forward because no games from my recollection have done it to the extent and magnitude this game has done it and pulled it off. You have games like bloodborne who have done it well with the chalice dungeons but this is doing it for an infinite universe. Doesnt matter if procedurally generated worlds have done it before but have they been done to this extent and worked? Honest question.

fr0sty1215d ago

What's so special about this game?

No game before has ever given you one full sized planet to explore, let along 18 trillion mostly unique ones. Yes, there currently are some limits in the variety that you see, but they've continued to add more as updates have come in. An 8 person team can only add in so much variety for the game's engine to choose from when generating worlds, so considering they've done this much, it is a very solid accomplishment. They are also adding new gameplay elements with updates, such as base building.

I've been playing the game for a few days, and while it can get a bit repetitive, it has managed to keep me coming back for more. I think they're off to a great start, and look forward to seeing what this grows into.

Silly gameAr1215d ago

We get it already. You don't like No Man's Sky.

nix1214d ago

see this. it's not just random. google is always your best friend but you like being an idiot so i can't blame you there for your stupidity.

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joab7771215d ago

Exactly. One Dev that used similar tech was in awe of their ability to balance it. Amazing game and I know there are devs out there right now getting started on pushing this forward. I do believe its possible to create a semi scripted game amidst vast procedural generation.

Hats off to this very small team and what they have been able to accomplish.

SirBradders1215d ago

I think that's what these haters fail to realise the vastness the team have created. The real challenge for them now is to pump in all the free content they have promised.

They game for me is enjoyable albeit abit repetitive in the sense that there's not a great deal to do but with a steady stream of updates this game will go from good to epic.

DeeBeers1215d ago

Would love to see this tech applied to the planetary landing in Elite Dangerous. This is the one area where NMS seems to have ED completely bested. Horizons landing are so bland and lifeless, would love some life/variety.

SpringHeeledJack1215d ago

No man's sky isn't uncharted 1 lol. No man's sky was a over rated bore fest. Uncharted actually delivered and naughty dog didn't lie to us like Sean Murray did.

And what's with the greedy retailers charging £55 for it.

ArchangelMike1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Stop being ignorant of the fact that the procedural technology powering the game is innovative. I know this is N4g but at least try to have an intelligent and informed conversation for once. Or am I expecting too much?

one2thr1215d ago

What would you do, if you were on Mars or our Moon?

uth111215d ago

Uncharted 1 was an overrated bore fest too. I'd rather play NMS in all honesty.

SpringHeeledJack1215d ago

Archangel no it isn't innovative and this is a games site, obviously you don't have the intelligence to understand the game has to be fun too. Keep playing innovation card tho like that gives a game a free pass.

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yeahokwhatever1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

I've been incorporating procedural generation with governing rules into my solo game projects since college in 2004. I love the tech in No Mans Sky and would love the chance to look at their code and sit and chat with them about everything. It's pretty great stuff that's wildly misunderstood and generally overlooked by game creators who are too scared to tackle it. Next year everyone's going to have similar features in their AAA games.

victorMaje1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Couldn't agree more.
Hello Games changed the game.

Nathan_Hale531215d ago

Not really. Minecraft set the bar years ago and beats this game with variety.

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thorstein1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Now these are the types of stories I like to read. People who actually make the games have a say. Perfect.

Perjoss1215d ago

Absolutely, makes a nice change from all those lame top 10 lists and flame bait nonsense

PurpHerbison1215d ago

No, you like to read stories where people agree with your views. You were just in some other thread getting all pissy cause someone had a different opinion than you.

joab7771215d ago

Oh, they don't know anything. We fans though, and our ability to overhype everything, devoid of facts, are a much better source of opinion.

Youngindy211215d ago

Just because they make games, that doesn't make their opinion anymore valid then the gamers that actually play the games.

thorstein1214d ago

Actually. Yes it does. A doctor's opinion on medical advice is more valid than a patients. An astrophysicists opinion on astrophysics is more valid than someone who just looks at the stars.

A teacher's opinion is more valid about education than a politicians. A mechanic's opinion on what is wrong with a car is more valid than a person who only knows how to drive. A mother's opinion about her child is more valid than a person who has no parental experience. A writer's opinion about writing is more valid than than those who read.

A movie director's opinion about acting and making movies is more valid than a critics opinion.

So. Yes. It appears as if those who are part of the profession's opinions are more valid than those who are not. Knowledge and opinion are not equals.

If you still don't like it, I will refer you to the late, great Isaac Asimov: “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

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kayoss1215d ago

I bought the game but have not had a chance to play it. Is there a way to track the planets or solar systems you've visited?

thorstein1215d ago

Yes. You have a discovery page. And, if the star is along the path to the center of the galaxy, it is easy to go back and find it.

Better hyperdrives mean you can jump farther, but makes it harder to go back.

Also, there are tons of other star systems that aren't on the main paths that are quite rewarding.

mattxd921215d ago

Yes. Every time you visit a planet, scan a plant or animal, and any outpost are all categorized under the system you find them in on the options menu and from there you can rename and upload them for money.

yeahokwhatever1215d ago

You wont want to. Just keep moving on. There's so much to see. I'm under the impression from my own playing that the game gets more varied and wild the further in you get.

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NarfleGarthok1215d ago

I wanted to love this game an I've given it plenty of time but I just cannot get into it. For me, this game is boring.

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