Rock Band DLC for the Week of Sept. 9th - All That Remains 3 Pack

HMXHenry, a dev on the Rock Band Forums says,

"The DLC for the week of Sept 9th will be a 3 pack from the metal band All That Remains. The track listing and pricing is below.

ALL THAT REMAINS 3 PACK - $2.99 (240 Microsoft Points)

THIS CALLING - $.99 (80 Microsoft Points)

CHIRON $.99 (80 Microsoft Points)

TWO WEEKS $.99 (80 Microsoft Points)

Two Weeks and Chiron are exclusive to Rock Band for one week before their new album Overcome is released on September 16th.

Each track will be available for a one month special offer of $.99 (80 Microsoft Points) per track or $2.99 (240 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360) for the three-pack.

These tracks will be up on the Xbox Live Marketplace on Tuesday, and the PlayStation Network Store on Thursday.

All tracks are masters."

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This Calling


Two Weeks

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RevN8r4760d ago

I think the Bassist is a chick, how sweet is that? Metal band, chick bassist, in Rock Band - FTW.

TheHater4760d ago

yeah she is.
I will be buying this pack next week :)
All That Remains is one of my favorite bands