As PS4 Neo looms, GameStop tanks PS4 trade-in values

While it may seem obvious that Sony will be announcing new PS4 SKUs, likely Neo and maybe a price drop to $300 for the standard model (or maybe slim), GameStop added more fuel to these rumors by tanking PS4 system trade-in values by 25%. They also did this for Xbox One before the S model released.

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OldGuyStillGaming1208d ago

People please don't trade your system in to these guys.
You'll get more on Ebay or even on craigslist

mrbojingles1208d ago

True. Thinking about selling mine to a friend to get whatever model they release. I'd like $200 minimum ideally.

freshslicepizza1207d ago

you better sell it quickly because i have a feeling there will be quite a few on sale once neo is officially announced unless the price is high. so many on the forums kept saying they are against this but in reality it will be a big seller.

Kokyu1207d ago

@moldybread if the rumored upgraded specs are true then the price may surprise you I think.

LexHazard791207d ago

You should be able to get that easy. Couple old games and your good.

I can't wait to get more info on Neo specifically price and games in Neo mode. But I will probably be listing my PS4 soon after.

freshslicepizza1207d ago

@Kokyu1h ago
"if the rumored upgraded specs are true then the price may surprise you I think."

I'm hoping it won't be more than $399 but it will likely be $449. I will probably get one because the pc lacks some of the games i want the most, namely some of the sports games from EA i really enjoy playing with my buddies online.

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XXanderXX1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

NO one will try to take my life from a Gamestop trade in like a craiglist sale..Better to lose a few dollars than ones life from one of those unsafe transactions .

Even with tons of common sense or tons of friends things still tend to happen no matter what . Lets just say craiglist deals are shady period and asking for things to happen .

DragonKnight1207d ago

That's why you meet in the most public place possible in broad daylight with cameras around. Good place for example is a bus or subway station, or in front of a police station.

Kokyu1207d ago

So dont sell it on craigslist.

LexHazard791207d ago

Very naive comment. The chances of that happening if you use some common sense are slim. You always meet in a very public area. And if you schooled in the streets your shank or heat will do.

mrbojingles1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

I've sold major consoles on CL. Just go to a public place with lots of traffic, like a mall, with someone (preferably a buff or military looking male friend) and no matter how silly you feel walk up to part of the public place that's visible to all. Like if its a mall walk up to the entrance of one of the department stores, have the person met you there. When I've done it I made sure to take my time getting back to my car too, like not immediately go back to it, just in case I get followed.

I once sold an Xbox One to someone who literally put it in their bag (it was a big bag) and got on the bus,......

EDIT: Before anyone goes crazy on the idea of me selling my xbox, it was due to post-grad bills at the time and I rebought it later that same year.

Master of Unlocking1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

What's so risky about selling at craigslist compared to gamestop or amazon or ebay exactly?

franwex1207d ago

Take your life? Wtf? Go make some friends dude.

KwietStorm1207d ago

Don't be a sensationalist. If you're not an idiot and go make your meet up in a dark alley at 2am, nobody is going to do anything to you.

daynnight3651207d ago

Dude, just meet in front of a cop shop


What are you like 12? I buy and sell on Craigslist all the time and never once have I had a problem and I'm from Los Angeles home of the gangbangers. I keep my M&P Shield loaded with HPR's on my side and I ALWAYS meet in day time at a safe public location . It's very easy not to get robbed but in case someone tries be sure u can defend yourself.

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Youngindy211207d ago

Yeah they are a rip-off. How you gonna only offer 150 bucks for trade in credit and then turn around and sell the console for 315 bucks? They making 165 dollars in profit.

xMANB3ARP1G1207d ago

Please learn how retail works b4 making comments they have to worry about dead inventory or ass holes selling broken systems that half work. There are alot of hidden cost you as a gamer never have to see. Well it sucks they want to give you so little they offer a guaranteed price and no chance of a shady person and for some ppl that's worth the world. Now if your smart about it you learn how to use outher channels like ebay and craigslist or even amazon and only use gamestop for 50% bonus trade in and the occasional cheap game. Gamestop is a great tool in every gamers tool belt you just need to learn how to use it correctly and not as the one tool for the job ppl try to use it as then bitch about the cost or trade in.

WeAreLegion1207d ago

Well, duh. GameStop is trying to make a profit. Direct sellers aren't.

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uth111208d ago

Who didn't see this coming?

thestarboy1207d ago

Whats the Price of the PS4 neo ?

Crazyglues1207d ago

Write now rumors have it at $450 U.S..

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daynnight3651207d ago

Lol who downvoted this comment?

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1207d ago
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