5 Ways to Keep No Man's Sky a Space Stud, Not a Space Dud

COG writes: No Man's Sky is an amazing experience, but with a few new features it could become a monumental success. Here are our suggestions.

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LordMaim1214d ago

Um... play it?

Seriously, there's enough streamed video out there that you should be able to tell right away if this game is for you. I watched the leaked videos ahead of time because I wasn't sure I was going to like it based on what I'd heard, but between the videos and the patch notes talking about features, I bought it and have been playing it for a week. I enjoy it a lot, but I like games like Fallout or Minecraft where you have to be self-sufficient and chart your own path. Maybe that's not for you.

If you need a list to find enjoyment in the game, just don't buy it. No one is forcing you.

raWfodog1214d ago

Exactly. There was more than enough gameplay videos before the game even released but, somehow, people were still confused about what this game was supposed to be. I've been playing for a week straight and I love it. I'm still finding amazing looking worlds in my personal quest to 100% every planet I come across. This game will definitely not be for everyone (as we already seen) but it was definitely for me.

LordMaim1214d ago

Every planet? Cripes. That's a lot of birds to swear at.

raWfodog1214d ago

Hell Yeah, those birds are tricky as hell to scan. I found that you can also scan creatures after you kill them so that makes it easier :)