Microsoft Releases ReCore Gamescom Screenshots And Trailer

Gamescom 2016 has kicked off, and Microsoft has released a new ReCore Gameplay Trailer alongside a set of new screenshots.

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christocolus1210d ago

Looks nice. Definitely my type of game and at $40 I may just pre-order now.

KiwiViper851209d ago

Well who could resist, with a preorder bonus like Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts

ULTp0ltergeist1209d ago

I just couldn't get through that game lol, I tried it after Recore preorder it's a struggle just to get through the beginning.

Sciurus_vulgaris1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I think Kameo,should of been the preorder bonus, it and ReCore are both action adventure games .

mark_parch1209d ago

they aready gave kameo away with another game. can't remember which onemaybe qb

Septic1209d ago

The animations really suck in the game though. Really puts me off. Why is it like that?

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AngelicIceDiamond1209d ago

I like the dynamism in this game and the graphics look great. Recore and Scalebound are games I've literally been craving for a while.

Jaw1love1209d ago

That was not a very good trailer. Like they threw it together in an hour or two. But this game still looks really dope. Super excited to play it in a few weeks

mark_parch1209d ago

totally agree. i love the gamepay i have seen and the screenshots look great but the trailers have been poor. hopefully we get to see some gameplay from outside and the sandstorms soon

Kyosuke_Sanada1209d ago

"The Megaman successor you've been looking for?" Really Gamespot? After the Mighty No.9 mess, you are really going to say that?

mark_parch1209d ago

thats why they said it. basically saying this pisses all over mighty no9

MyDietEqualsGames1209d ago

It's Comcept.... crap on their backers so they could make this, huh?

1208d ago
ninsigma1209d ago

This looks great. My kind of game!

Aenea1209d ago

Wow, alrighty! This looks pretty cool!

Silly article added this tho "an XBOX ONE EXCLUSIVE & WINDOWS 10 EXCLUSIVE", it can't be an exclusive on both tho I've no idea how you would want to call it otherwise.

Who knows, with games like these I might be picking up a Scorpio next year!

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