Bravo to Niantic and Blizzard for their simple characters

There's a lesson to be found in Overwatch and Pokemon Go : you don't need to develop a story-heavy game to create characters that people can get very deeply invested in.

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OpieWinston1207d ago

Blizzard was pretty good at making badass characters. (Kerrigan, Sylvannas, Diablo, Etc...)
The people on the Overwatch team AREN'T.

OpieWinston1207d ago

N4G people don't know about Blizzards strong Trio of IPs and then there's Overwatch which is filled with the most boring characters they've ever made.

FallenAngel19841207d ago

People were invested in Pokemon characters decades before Pokemon Go. I don't see what Niantic has to do with consumers attachment to the characters. Unless you're talking about the original Team Leaders.