My First Three Hours of ‘No Man’s Sky’ Have Been Dark, and Full of Terrors

VICE: "Some will find their No Man's Sky experience relaxing, but I've been blown apart by enemies, clawed by alien beasts, and stranded on deadly planets."

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1207d ago Replies(1)
joab7771207d ago

This makes the planets you land on that are amazing even more so. Last night I landed on a planet with blue grass blowing in the wind, vibrant purple and green tress. It was unreal.

gangsta_red1207d ago

I've seen that before, it's called acid.

The_Sage1207d ago

Great read. I have had a very different experience.. . Mostly serene. That's the great of No Man's Sky. Sharing stories.

DeeBeers1207d ago

....the night is dark and full of terrors!

also, smokin hot red headed chicks.