Game Informer: Silent Hill: Homecoming Preview

There are many things fans have come to expect from a Silent Hill title. Moody music and atmosphere? Check. Terrifying amalgamations of humans and monsters? Check. Tons of freaky stuff related to children? Check.

While all those things are considered cornerstones to a successful Silent Hill game, what most of us really want to know is, what does Silent Hill Homecoming deliver that we did not already expect? Game Informer sat down for an afternoon with the upcoming release in an attempt to find out just that.

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aggh im on fire4321d ago

I really love silent hill so im preying this isnt going to be a balls up. Please let it be good.

Arsenic134321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

It wont be like the previous original 4. But im more than sure it will be great. Im dieing for this game, been searching stores trying to get it early before release.