Why We Still Want 'Half-Life 3' - Even If It Ends Up Disappointing Us

Why we think Half-Life 3 could add to current 90's FPS revival - even if it doesn't match the lofty expectations.

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plexdk794d ago

isn't it close to reach the duke nukem forever status?

rawshack794d ago

12 years and still waiting

instantstupor794d ago

I wouldn't mind, if for no other reason than to kill a dank meme lol.

DefenderOfDoom2794d ago

With Doom 2016 getting great reviews i think some developers at Valve might finally be interested in making a new Half Life game.

andrewsquall794d ago

What the hell is up with that article title??? It isn't 343 Industries that will be making it you know. Why would you assume utter inevitable disappointment from Valve?