Windows 10 auto-enabled GameDVR last week - here’s how to turn it off

PCGamesN: Last week saw one of Windows 10’s largest updates yet with the 1607 patch, aka the Anniversary Update. Along with the usual sweep of fixes, security updates and rebooting your PC in the middle of a work day, it also auto-enabled Microsoft’s Xbox-powered Shadowplay-like recording software GameDVR. While this is useful if you have both an omni-powered PC and plan on sharing clips quite regularly, it could be causing some major stutter. Particularly affected seem to be Valve’s games.

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SniperControl1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

"It could be causing some major stutter. Particularly affected seem to be Valve’s games."

Hmm, maybe Tim Sweeny was actually on to something then.

Pandamobile1206d ago

Could be that Valve games tend to run at 100+ FPS on most people's computers these days and recording software running in the background would cause all sorts of havoc with frame timing and pacing.

Forum_Pirate1206d ago

Course he was. I don't really think this is a manifestation of it, just more anti consumer system control for MS under the guise of "convinience," but obviously MS would want to lock down their own platform and force everybody/thing to go though them. Then they make all the money.

lodossrage1206d ago


I can't say for sure if what Sweeney said will come to pass. But I have to admit, when I saw this article and the part you quoted I IMMEDIATELY thought about when Sweeney said MS would patch Windows 10 while making Steam slowly diminish in quality

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LordMaim1206d ago

Nothing like a bunch of features that are implemented behind the scenes that the average user doesn't want or need, that are enabled by default and don't have clear direction provided on how to disable.

Ashlen1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Like the lock screen, which you can no longer disable even in Pro. I hate that crap it's just another step for me, I don't need a lock screen on a PC. But of course if you read fine print you'll see it's so Microsoft can stream ads to your PC. At the moment you can turn off the ads depending on what version of Windows you have. But of course it's only a matter of time until they remove the option to disable those ads and your PC just becomes an advertising tool.

They also removed a bunch of options to disable tracking and sending data to Microsoft. Why should I need a third party program and a hardware firewall just to disable snooping and spying?

Mystogan1206d ago

"They also removed a bunch of options to disable tracking and sending data to Microsoft"

Not true. You can still disable tracking.
Don't pull on your tinfoil too tight.

DigitalRaptor1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Seems like they're forcing a lot on people with Windows 10, period.

And with the proposed introduction of encrypted app installs, if they've forced the W10 upgrade on you, you're faced with a bleak future for what was once a haven for freedom in PC gaming. W10 store games have already been diabolical to begin with, as bad or worse than, and as restricting as GFWL. An atrocity in the PC gaming community.

@ Mystogan

Help me please understand, how encrypted apps on Windows 10 that remove all freedom from your games, spells good news for the future of PC gaming in which Microsoft is force upgrading people to the most closed version of Windows OS that has ever existed on an open platform. Tell me how this news doesn't directly correlate with Tim Sweeney's concerns that Microsoft will slowly make Steam worse over time.

Mystogan1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Don't you think you're exaggerating even a little bit?

Ashlen1206d ago

Mytogan first off even before the anniversary update you couldn't disable all tracking with the given options you had to go into the registry to turn off many things. And even then you can't stop them all because some of the tracking will bypass even software firewalls you have to block the ip's on your router or hardware firewall.

And the anniversary update removed many of the options that were previously available. And i'm sure when people have done the testing they will find that Microsoft has added new tracking and removed or disabled some of the registry tweaks and I'm sure they have added new IP's that will need to be blocked.

If you think Microsoft was letting you disable everything using the in house options you must have been asleep for the past year when people were telling you otherwise and creating all sorts of software to block what they wouldn't let you block.

LordMaim1205d ago

Hey, its the best possible advertisement for Linux.

crazychris41241206d ago

I knew I wasnt going crazy when I noticed a slight drop in fps than what I normally get

peewee110161206d ago

OMG this is the reason why my FPS in LoL would take a big hit. I would get over 400+ but i would lock it at 60 with everything maxed anti and V-Sync after one game i would start another then FPS would drop to under 40 for no damn reason. I took this shit off and i have yet to get 1 drop.

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