No Man’s Sky is a game about photography... it just doesn’t know it

Rewarding players for good shots should be a core gameplay mechanic.

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C-H-E-F1212d ago

i've taken so many screenshots and uploaded them to the group chat we have.. haha

Perjoss1212d ago

I'm guilty of flying to certain areas of a planet just to have other planets on the horizon for a cool shot :D

teo721212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

After Sean and Hello Games fixes the basics of the game (aka Bugs, AA and so on), then let us do a poll or something and send all the great ideas like Photomode, Co-op, Customisation, base building, more animal behavior states (like playful, Sneaking Hunter, wounded animal and so on) and more to Hello Games. It worked for Gran Turismo. did this and Polyphony loves the poll section of the forums there. There they see excatly what the gamers want, and in November we will get a better game because of it. Let us do something like this for NMS too; Let us help Hello Games and Sean Murray make us the perfect NMS!

Goldby1212d ago

Main thing would be remove hud for me. As much as i like having things on the screen. For photos i hate those pesky icons for pois

camel_toad1212d ago

I'm dunno if you're playing it on pc or ps4 but on the pc version if you go to the graphics tab you can turn off the hud (remember to hit apply).