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Final Fantasy VIII was a pretty great game. It had its quirks of course, but the music is memorable and the graphics were great for their time.

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Master of Unlocking1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Looking back, Final Fantasy VIII was a pretty good FF, even though back in the day I grew bored of it by the time you crash the spaceship into that large diamond-looking rock floating in the air, so I never finished it. I was a bit disappointed with it after FF VI & FF VII, which I had absolutely loved. But when I think of it, it was a lot better than FF X, which was made by the same team that made VIII. Now FF X was a real disappointment, and don't get me started on FF XIII, XIII-2, XIII-3...

VIII was a bit original, I liked the idea of that university campus that somehow travels on the ocean, however absurd it may sound, and also that rusty fishermen's town, or the town with all the trains, the fact you could actually travel by train (and by car!) on the world map... It was a pretty great game all around, just a bit too futuristic-looking for my taste at the time.

Now to finish FF IX, 15 years later, finally, maybe...