The Size of a Game's World is a Meaningless Measure of Quality

VGChartz's Taneli Palola: " would almost always rather choose a detailed, handcrafted and smaller game world over a larger one that has been created mostly or entirely from randomly generated elements. It doesn't matter how vast the game is if there isn't all that much to do in it, or if all you end up doing is the same thing over and over again. Simply put, bigger doesn't automatically mean better when it comes to video games."

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thorstein1212d ago

Explain that to the Order reviewers.

Derpy1210d ago

I've been playing it every chance I get since day one and have not run out of stuff to do. Some people enjoy having an endless environment to explore. Just because it's not your cup of tea doesn't mean it's meaningless. The fact that all this is randomly generated and it still looks good is very impressive and a real milestone for gaming. Just think, a company could create a complex RPG then use such an engine to fill out the world around it making the world seem much bigger and real. I understand that reviews are just the opinion of the reviewer, but when reviewers assume their opinion equals everyone, that is just poor journalism.

sdcard4gb1210d ago

The size is not what people think they want. What they want in reality is it's complexive nature. You can make a very middle-sized or even small-sized world, but if you put enough stuff to do for the gamer to sink his teeth into you have officially made a good game world.

SolidGear31210d ago

Have to agree with the title when it comes to those terrible GTA games. Nothing but malarkey.