Sony Misses PS3 Targets in Japan

Company sells under half a million in 2006.

Despite promises of a million systems at Japanese retail by the end of 2006, Japanese publisher Enterbrain reports today that Sony has managed to sell just 466,716 PS3 units to Japan. This figure covers the period from the Japanese launch on 11/11 to the end of the year.

In comparison, Enterbrain reports that Nintendo managed to sell 989,118 Wii units from the 12/2 launch to the end of the year, with the number quickly jumping over the million mark for a total of 1,135,671 units by 1/7.

The firm didn't provide 2006 results for the Xbox 360, but did list the system as having sold a total of 290,467 units total from its 12/10/2005 launch to the end of 2006. In particular, spurred by the release of Blue Dragon, Microsoft managed to sell 99,798 360 units in December 2006 alone -- the highest month ever for the system (yes, that includes the launch)...

eques judicii6347d ago

cause sony sent all the units to the US in order to "beat" the xbox's launch

TheMART6347d ago

Now that's funny

Eques judicii so they shipped them all (1 mln) to Japan and only sold 500k there. They'd better kept 500k more in Japan then.

Man in Japan they're just laying around in the freakin' shops also!!!


DJ6347d ago

It only took a Sony a few weeks to surpass what it took Microsoft a year to achieve in Japan. Of course they're going to allocate more units to the U.S. This is the only territory that the 360 is even remotely popular in, so it makes sense to go for the kill.

FordGTGuy6347d ago

Remotely popular in the US? The only reason the Xbox 360 is doing poorly in Japan is because of the Nintendo Wii and the PS3 will be beaten by the Nintendo Wii in Japan like it or not.

To go for the kill? When was the last time a company killed another by having more PS3s being brought back a day then actual sold in the same time. I was just talking to someone last night about it and they said their store is packed with them and noone is buying them. Sony might have shipped 1 million but no way in hell do they have 1 million customers in the US.

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