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Gamers Agree with Blu-Ray Inclusion in Playstation 3

Over 1,000 gamers were polled to see whether they would have preferred the Blu-Ray drive in the PS3 to be optional or not - by a 2:1 majority people said that Sony made the right decision by including a Blu-Ray drive in every PS3.

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TheMART6614d ago

Yeah, isn't that strange if you ask that on a PS3 fanboy site...

That's not a poll which has a representative base, let not alone that the questionary was not real based on a lot of research. With one question and no other important facts.

As a person who studied marketing at a University and doing research on daily bases I can say to you all: this means nothing. As we all know the biggest freaking fony fanboy at this site, ssj04 alias ps3lord, alias ps3willrule, alias ps3god and god knows which other nicks, those guys would always say it's a good choice. Even if Sony lies, they stay believers.

So this article, the poll, the outcome is worth nothing

DG6614d ago (Edited 6614d ago )

If you took marketing than you should know that the only oppinion that matters is your customers. The one thats putting money in your pocket. Cut damn I want a cheap Blu Ray player, I have a 1080p w. HDMI tv. JUST LET IT BE. DAMN! The movies as well as my 360 games will tie me over untill the good games come out.

Shadow Flare6614d ago

ok this is the second survey taken that kicks microsoft in the teeth

the first survey asked gamers if they would buy a ps3 despite its high price

-the general answer was "yes, i dont mind paying that much, 'because i want it' "

now this survey states that gamers prefer the integrated blu-ray drive

i would write the link to the 1st survey but i cant cos im writing this thru my psp

ms tried saying that an optional drive is better, but its down to what consumers want and this survey proves ms wrong

OutLaw6614d ago

Go out to the public and give me results. Not just ask Playstation fans. Ask people like moms and dads or just real gamers who play different systems. Then comeback with that poll I guarantee you that the results will be different

Legionaire20056614d ago

Blue-ray is a risky business I don't know if it's worth it too early to tell, just remember what happen to the Betamax if you get my drift. UMD for PSP is crap so I'm not sure about the (Sony only) Blue-ray. Nuff said.

andy capps6614d ago

This is to be taken with a huge bag of salt. It would be like putting a poll on Major Nelson's or the TeamXbox page and asking if DVD-9 is sufficient for next-gen games. It may be, I don't think so, but you'll get different answers depending on who your audience is.

Moostache6614d ago

This just in....PS3 site proclaims console race over, PS3 major winner even with zero consoles produced....

If you want a different answer, just find a 360 fan site and look for a similar poll....

Of course, that won't stop "He-who-must-not-be-named " from trying to spin this into a major Sony "victory" and a reason "everyone" is gonna buy the PS3...