Overwatch Season 2 competitive play - Changing it to the system players wanted

Blizzard is changing competitive play into the mode fans want. Season two brings a complete overhaul and probably also a whole bunch of new Overwatch players. Everything you need to know right here from tiers, game mode changes, PTR & lots more.

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Sillicur1214d ago

Great to see the devs listening to players like this. Awesome stuff!

SonZeRo1214d ago

Hope Blizz listens to everyone not just the vocal minority like they tend too on their other games.

feedthereaper1214d ago

The current season model is broken and punishes you too heavy for being matched up with poor players who lack teamwork skills. And doesn't reward you enough for gaining a victory. There have been some matches where I have seen the slider drop MORE for a loss, than what was gained for a Victory and that clearly is not going to encourage long term play if you are always going to go downwards and feel a worse and worse player each day. It leads to frustration and then turning off the console to play a different game.
I started Level 50 after the Preseason and even though I have won about 60% of my 100+ games so far, I am Level 41 and never got anywhere near to Level 50 since the first match. That to me suggests its broken in that if I was a 50% win rate I technically should be sitting around the Level 50 I started with, so a 60% should suggest I have moved up a few levels, not dropped several!
This ranking system is good in theory if this was some Olympics event that requires strict rules, but they have to remember that this is just a game that people play for fun and that it should focus more on rewarding victories and less on punishing losses, particularly as most games you are hooked up with strangers, some of which leave the game early or are selfish and never work as a team. It should be a simple +2 for a Victory, -1 for a Loss so that a typical gamer can afford to lose a couple of bad matches as long as they have got a victory. At the moment it seems that for every game I lose, I need 2 victories to see myself back to square one!

I think the "Player Leaves" needs fixing too. Can they not select a Player from the Play section to randomly join a game midway through to balance the teams a bit? That way he/she makes up the numbers even if they themselves gain no Season rating from it, only Skill rewards. Either that if a player on Team A leaves, and no player can be found to replace them from the PLAY gamers...... then the system pauses the game, allow Team B a chance to vote to kick their weakest player and continue the game as a 5vs5 game. That way at least the game will continue much fairer while the kicked player still receives Skill points for what they achieved up to that point, and it doesn't record a Win/Loss for them either, so they dont lose out being kicked other than the frustration of having to find another match and start again. And this would only need to be applied if a team member leaves mid-game, AND they can't find someone to jump in and fill the space, so it would be pretty rare then. At least its much better than losing 1 or 2 teammates and ending up knowing that no matter how hard you play you have a chance of getting a LOSS whether you leave or carry on and then having to fight two victories to catch back up!