Final Fantasy XV Chapter 0 revealed

A few new details to whet your appetite.

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Idiedgoodbye1202d ago

It is racist. Where are the people of color?

Idiedgoodbye1201d ago

It's the internet, I was bored. Seriously though have you noticed there are no black people. The protagonists suit's are black but that's it..

Becuzisaid1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

So they made a whole article just describing exactly the 20 seconds at the beginning of the gameplay video? Why bother?

Idiedgoodbye1205d ago

What happened to the fantasy of Final Fantasy. I don't understand why they went the GTA approach. I assume they thought the GTA style would draw a larger crowd.

SoulMikeY1205d ago

Explain your thoughts...

Final Fantasy has had cars in games since the 90's. Open world has almost always been present. And if you played 7 or 8, you would know they are in the same vein. Identical almost.

Becuzisaid1205d ago

Have you even bothered to watch 2 minutes of this game? Plenty of fantasy to go around. And there's nothing about this game that even slightly resembles a GTA game.

WeAreLegion1205d ago

I don't think you understand how freaking weird this game is. If "larger crowd" was their main goal, they certainly went about it the wrong way. This game is going to be amazing.

Tharja1204d ago

Doubt it, it most likely gonna suck like the last few FF games. :)

DragonDDark1205d ago

I'm questioning if you played a FF game lol...

memots1205d ago

dont worry he is just one of those kids saying. All game are Gta if its open world and a car. Or every game with a mech is Titanfall ect..

_-EDMIX-_1205d ago

The original final fantasies were actually open world....

If anything this is actually returned to the original format of Final Fantasy, maybe you should actually play the older final fantasies....

Eiyuuou1205d ago

I get what you mean. It was already since FFVII. As soon as I saw that motorcycle I was like "Where is tha fantasy?"

I mean, vehicles in a fantasy game? How dare they!


Yes, I'm mocking you by the way.

CrimsonWing691205d ago

Have you ever played Final Fantasy 8?

Koor1205d ago

The best one in my opinion.

Idiedgoodbye1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

My favorite was 9 and the true Fatasy Final.

joethetimelord1202d ago

FF9 still has the best opening in the franchise. They could've messed the entire Alexandria kidnapping up in so many ways the way they were juggling characters and events, but it was airtight from beginning to end.

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joethetimelord1205d ago

Breaking news! AAA video game begins with a prologue