NEW GTX 10 Series LAPTOP GPU’s - Everything you Need to Know.

GTX 1080 Laptop? GTX 1070 Laptop? GTX 1060 laptop? YES, YES, YES :) True Desktop GTX 10 performance in Laptops.

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Malice-Flare1212d ago

looks like i'm headed to Singapore when these launch, import duties are killer where i'm from...

AKR1211d ago

It's absolutely crazy that they were able to do this. The fact that I just bought a Lenovo Y700 that has a 960M, it makes me a little upset lol.

1211d ago
soulsx1211d ago

I have lenovo y700 witch gtx 960m and i'm happy on pc i play total war series in 1080p witch mix ultra/ v.hight setting and i get avg 42 fps :-))