Why Resident Evil 7 May Reinvent the Horror Genre

A glimpse into the world proves that horor is nothing other than reality.

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naruga1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

that kind of horror is old as F..k ....Silent Hill 4 is one the most known progenitors of that kind of horror and later all the PT clones ...Resident evil 7 is just destroying the series, this kind of paranormal horror is for different kind of games NOt Resis ,,,

Batzi1214d ago

I thought that title was given to PT?

-Foxtrot1214d ago

Funny how quickly people forget the real deal and praise the clone.

_-EDMIX-_1214d ago

Why can't they both?

@fox- Resident Evil 7 actually has combat and weaponry and healing and is actually a full game, I have no clue what you're talking about it sounds like you're still under the assumption that the demo is actually Resident Evil 7...

You seriously need some reading comprehension , go read what the directors and creators of Resident Evil 7 said it's going to be , I think you're still confusing what the actual teaser is with the actual final game.

Batzi1214d ago

We saw nothing from RE7. So I don't even know why we should think that RE7 will reinvent anything. The demo was awesome but that was a PT copy paste.

_-EDMIX-_1214d ago

@batzi- I agree that we haven't seen enough of Resident Evil 7 to make such a claim, I don't even think the information that the creators have stated or revealed about the game or show anything that dynamically different than most horror titles but please do not rest your laurels on what you haven't seen and actually read what the director is saying resin Evil 7 is going to be.

And playing both the demos I actually do not believe it's a PT copy paste, simply because both games are actually vastly different and you're actually not doing the same room regeneration type thing inside this game like you were in PT , that is really what made PT unique.

I think people have been finding small similarities and absolutely exaggerating them to a high degree. I like to PT because of what it did with the regenerating rooms in the cool puzzle features none of that was really and Resident Evil 7 teaser.

I didn't just merely JUST like PT because it had Supernatural elements in first person.....

TricksterArrow1214d ago

TBH, it is reinventing the series, which is long overdue and amazing, IMO. But it is not doing anything new as far as gaming goes. So "reinventing the genre" is a little too much.

TheEvilResident19971214d ago

I can't wait to play RE7 Biohazard.

ShinnokDrako1214d ago

I liked the demo, i'll buy it probably but... P.T. did that, not RE7.
It can reinvent the series, not the genre.

wonderfulmonkeyman1214d ago

Pretty much this.
I'm sure that it'll be a great entry in the RE series, but reinventing horror? No.
Not even with VR backing it up.

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The story is too old to be commented.