No Man´s Sky PC review - Not as good as it should and could be - TGG

For a space exploration game with some survival elements peppered on top. "No Man's Sky" does its job pretty well. And aside from some bad design decisions (which is one of the biggest things holding it back right now) and a rather buggy PC-release. "No Man´s Sky" is still a really entertaining game. However, it would be wise to wait for some patches to drop before you pick-up the game for PC.

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Simco8761207d ago

Problem with this game is that it's not what they showed us. They showed us cake and gave us some cookies, but I'm glad some people are enjoying this, but this should have stayed an indie title and priced the same as one.

TGG_overlord1207d ago

I agree, and I think the price, the PC performance issues and the lack of MP support are the biggest problem with NMS. I mean, let´s say that the launch-price were set at 24,99 USD instead of 59,99 USD. And that there were no performance issues (or much fewer issues at least) and the game had a strong MP game from start. Then it would have been a totally different story for sure.

kevnb1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

the issues are way overblown, it runs acceptably for most gamers. There was a patch released very shortly after release and you have to remember there were hundreds of thousands of people playing right at launch. People on steam reviewing within the first few hours were the ones having issues, but now most reviews dont mention the performance much.
What the game needs is some sort of actual civilizations to interact with.