Wisdom Tree Arkade Kickstarter Success

Carl Williams writes, "The Wisdom Tree Arkade is one of the latest Kickstarter success stories. While there were many naysayers about this particular crowdfunding campaign, it was successfully funded on August 14th (my birthday). For Christian gamers this is a great way to have the complete Nintendo Entertainment System set of Wisdom Tree games. The campaign catered to more than just fans of Plug and Play devices with many options to show support."

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SSjDomon1211d ago

Glad this worked out. Kickstarter allows niche things to survive in ways they normally may not.

triverse1211d ago

Definitely have to agree. While there are a lot of naysayers, there are still about 300 people that wanted to see this happen. That may not have been enough to persuade financing outside of crowdfunding but it was enough via Kickstarter.

SSjDomon1208d ago

Yep, people just cling to the bad stuff they hear about, and ignore these stories.