'No Man's Sky' Desperately Needs A 'Homeworld' System Above All Else

"Given the absolutely massive amount of fixes and new features added to No Man’s Sky in the short window before certification and launch, Paul is excited to see what future patches will bring to the game. Obviously, there are a laundry list of features No Man’s Sky could use, and we can talk about minor things all day long, but he wants to focus on the larger aspects of what this game could evolve into.

Something in development mentioned by Sean Murray himself is the ability to build your own bases on planets, and the ability to possibly collect/build/hijack larger freighters as well. Paul is all for these ideas, but he thinks in order for those to be implemented, a new gameplay system needs to be formed. He'll call it a “Homeworld” system.

The problem with something like base-building right now should be pretty obvious. What exactly is the point of spending time and resources building a base on a planet, even one you like, if you will almost certainly move on from the entire system soon enough, and never be able to come back?"

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ssj3goku871451d ago

I don't understand the point of base-building. The whole point of the game is to go out and explore and discover new planets/species, so whats the need for building a base if you're gonna leave your base behind to go explore another planet anyway??

crazychris41241451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Thats where the homeworld comes in. I would make it so you just teleport back to your home solar system so its quick and easy. Few people are going to make the long journey back home. Maybe to make it a little more interesting your homeworld can come under attack maybe 1-2 times every 10 hours so it keeps things interesting but it also doesnt become a hassle. I remember in GTA Vice City Stories for the PSP you could take over and manage up to 30 businesses but they were constantly under attack. I mean you were lucky to go 5 minutes without one of your businesses being attacked, became so frustrating I just let them take it over and quickly finished the game then never touched the game again.

SaveFerris1451d ago

All your base are belong to us?

The base would need to have a purpose other than just being a shelter from radiation, sentinals, or acid rain.

Summons751451d ago

You had me until it comes under attack...

Progress is slow enough, while it would be nice to have a place to really hoard material, I don't want to have to stop or try to rush 14 minutes back to my ship to stop my progress of getting to the center. Terrible idea.

crazychris41241451d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

@summons thats why I said we should be able to instantly teleport back home because few people would want to take the long journey back. Also attacks would be rare like 1-2 every 10 hours. Maybe also add the ability to drop a beacon so if you leave to save your home you can go back to the exact spot you were at on the planet you were exploring.

@saveferris hanger for multiple ships, storage for items, and more

@goldby only fast travel to home system or planet to give the player a break, player will have to fly to other planets like you normally do

_-EDMIX-_1450d ago

LMFAO! GTA vice city stories doe! You couldn't go 5 minutes without someone trying to take over your turf!

Goldby1450d ago

@crazy. Well if you're asking for fast travel why nit just fasttravel from planet to planet /s

Half of the draw is how big the world is and if you can fast travel it defeats the purpose of what they built

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Idiedgoodbye1451d ago

Metroid Prime 4 should take notes from this game.

Abdou0231451d ago

I didn't buy the game, but I think it's a missed opportunity( at least for now) from the very first moment I heard about I thought that it's a tech demo at best, the only aspect they kept talking about for 2 years was how giant and random the universe is, they didn't talk much about anything else, which doesn't make it much of a game really, but I'm glad for the people who are enjoying it and saying that it's not at all repetitive. If I was asked what features I want to see in this game in order to buy it, here are couple:

- Ability to craft a ship, build rooms in it ( kinda like making it your own house) craft weapons and defences for it.
- Add factions, and the faction with the most discovered planets gets extra benefits.
- Multiplayer co-op (Duh!) or at least make it like an MMO where you can see other people in a hub area or something, and trade stuff with them.
- Adding tougher enemies like bosses who spawn in certain areas.

TFJWM1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

It never was and is never going to be a space mmorpg...That seems to be what you want

Abdou0231450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Nope, that's not what I want, If you are referring to the Hub area suggestion that I made, then this will not magically transform the game into an MMORPG.

madforaday1450d ago

I would only want tougher enemies or bosses out of the things you said.

The whole point of this game is to find out stuff for yourself, when Sean is getting asked about questions that are in game he was so vague. He REALLY wants us to find stuff out, that is the point of the game. Of course, it is hard to sell a game like that but I am so happy that he was vague in a lot of the questions.

_-EDMIX-_1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

I think you need to be grounded into reality bud.

maybe you don't know that this game was made by 5 people.

You're basically saying that it's a "missed opportunity" in the respect that it could have been something else but financially doesn't fit...

Do you know what Star Citizen is?

This is one of the biggest reasons why I tell people so many times on here and stress it so much that you have to know something about business to get some of the things in gaming simply because too many times people love mouthing off on here about things that they want without honestly really realistically thinking about the financial cost of what they're actually asking for.

Your "missed opportunity" is still being worked on with Star Citizen and that concept cost well over one hundred million dollars and it's been in production by a team of over 300 people for several years...

Why is it that Gamers seriously believe that the concept or an idea of a game is only limited by their belief of the concept? Do you not understand that they cannot financially afford to just make every last thing they think of? No Man's sky is not Star Citizen not because Sean Murray didn't want it to be , it's because even if he did, he could not even afford to evercraft or create such a concept as even the damn people making that concept are still working on that damn concept! 100 million dollars later!


So once again did you really think that the only reason it wasn't that, was because they couldn't think of it?

You seriously think you know more than the game developers that have been crafting Games for years?

That their only problem is thinking of ideas? Oh boy you seriously have a lot to learn about game development and business.

Abdou0231450d ago

Maybe you are the one who think he is a know it all, and what does "Star Citizen" have to do with anything?!! that's a completely different game, and yes game developers are limited by their vision or concept, money has nothing to do with ideas, money is just polishing and adding liveliness for that idea, for example, if Minecraft was being developed by a large company back then, maybe they could've added photorealistic graphics instead of the voxel graphics, and some other visual effects for example. Terraria was made by an indie studio with very few people and resources and it launched back in the day was a lot more features than No man's Sky, it was a real game despite being lacking a lot of what it has today.

I fully understand how game development and business work, but clearly you aren't, you just "think" you know better than other people. The feature I listed above isn't something outside the scope of the game itself,
-"Crafting a ship" the game already has that system,
-"Bosses" the game already has enemies.
-"Multiplayer Hub" the game already have stations where you meet AI and trade stuff with them.
-"Co-OP" essential and public demand for most people, especially if added with some of those features.

"Bud" get a grip of yourself and learn to accept other people's opinions and get off your high tower, you are just a normal guy behind a keyboard.

_-EDMIX-_1450d ago

"what does "Star Citizen" have to do with anything?!! that's a completely different game"

The comparison is based on what you just assumed no man's Sky could easily be, you're basically saying what Star Citizen is currently striving to be.

"yes game developers are limited by their vision or concept, money has nothing to do with ideas"

It has everything to do with bringing their ideas to actual reality, it's not as simple as just dreaming it up.

At the ending of the day any one of us right now could come up with some Fanboy game that we wish could exist there's a reason why such games don't just pop up, it's because just because you could dream of it and you can think of it doesn't mean you were the first. the reality is what you're thinking about and dreaming about maybe either technically impossible or would cost a fortune to produce let me give you an example.

I would love to have an open-world crime game in which every building could be entered in every NPC went to a specific place like their house in their job and then had family which would could later on die and never return.

I'm just a mere game or do you not think that the developers that created Grand Theft Auto have not dreamed about such a thing before? Do you really seriously think they're just that naive and feeble that its never crossed their minds and they've never done it simply because I'm not working at Rockstar?

It is the most ignorant thing I've ever heard of in my life. Apparently you think it doesn't exist simply because somebody hasn't thought of it smh.

Buddy the reality that you wish no man's sky was actually exists in a game called Star Citizen that's still being developed most of which you stated exist in Star Citizen!

Was Star Citizen made by 5 people? Have you not looked at the cost of Star Citizen? Have you not looked at the amount of time the game has been in development?

I know you seriously for real can't be so slow as to honest to God believe that the only limit to game development is someone's you're basically going to forget the extremely high cost and time it would take to develop a game aren't you?

Any one of us right now could come up with a couple dozen ideas for incredible games that doesn't mean we're the greatest developers on the planet it merely means we're a bunch of people with unrealistic ideas in no real grounded understanding of business or Finance.

The elements you just lost four would take a very long time for this team to implement into this game considering once again you're talking about a team of about 5 dudes.

Development comes at a cost you could imagine whatever you want but at the end of the day it comes at a cost anyone with common sense seriously should already know this.

So I'm still waiting for that Grand Theft Auto where you can enter every single last building and every single NPC is unique I guess I'm better than Rockstar now right? Man what idiots to not have that it's common sense to put such a thing in a game I guess they're just idiots and I'm just so smart right? /s

TFJWM1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

"Nope, that's not what I want, If you are referring to the Hub area suggestion that I made, then this will not magically transform the game into an MMORPG."

You take a space exploration game with RPG elements, add bosses, more crafting, housing, factions and multiplayer co-op...What do you think that falls under if not a Space MMORPG...

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Artemidorus1450d ago

Would be nice to pick a planet people want to keep going back to, even if it's just the one

spaceg0st1450d ago

Co op is my number one. These planets and this universe is so big, it'd be fun to experience the with a friend... Split up on a planet and mine for stuff together