Best Video Cards For The Money: Sept '08

Tom's Hardware: "Detailed graphics card specifications and reviews are great-that is, if you have the time to do the research. But at the end of the day, what a gamer needs is the best graphics card within a certain budget.

So if you don't have the time to research the benchmarks, or if you don't feel confident enough in your ability to make the right decision, fear not. We at Tom's Hardware have come to your aid with a simple list of the best gaming cards offered for the money."

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SlyGuy4322d ago

a whopping ZERO comments.

Guess everyone is content with their console.

GIJeff4322d ago

i switch between my pc and my console. I love my new PC setup, its really really fast.

790FX AMD motherboard with quad crossfire support
AMD Phenom 9950 @ 3.0ghz
AMD 4870 @ 800 GPU and 4ghz DDR5
4GB OCZ Reaper HPC dual channel 6400

This thing smokes...getting another 4870 soon..

Bolts4321d ago

The 4870 smokes alright, it smokes your computer. It's just too damn hot for me, I can literally feel the heat coming out from the back of my PC from under the desk, and thats only one 4870. The 4870 X 2 would literally light my carpet on fire. Forget that BS. With this kind of nuclear temp from ATI no wonder the 360 have heat issues.

I switched from the 4870 to Nvidia's 280 GTX and never looked back. Its not insanely hot like the 4870 and still out perform the X2 in DX 10 Crysis. Until ATI get their drivers in order the Nvidia 280 GTX is a superior choice. It cost less and perform just as well.