Game Journalists are Responsible for the Pokemon Uranium Shutdown

Pokemon Uranium is dead and it's not just Nintendo that killed it, it was the journalists that gave it the exposure.

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-Foxtrot1216d ago

Well it was going to get exposure one way or another.

electricrabbit1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

9 years it didn't and then within a span of 24 hours, Kotaku and Polygon, the sites with the highest SEO in the industry, wrote an article on it, only for dozens of articles to follow suit.

Pledius1215d ago

Yeah honestly I didn't know about this game either until I saw the Kotaku video

but it gave the exposure and I'mg glad I saw the vid. They already said they're gonna keep updating the game so even though the offiical download link is gone after 2.5 million download I think it's gonna spread out pretty easily

electricrabbit1215d ago

Here's when things get interesting, Kotaku had actually made an article about the beta of the game years ago. Which technically gave it's first bits of exposure, but nothing came of it because no one else reported it at the same time. It was just this dogpiling that seemed to ramp up the SEO

opinionated1215d ago

If he's not selling it then I don't see what the problem is honestly. Change a few names, re-release and call it a day. "Pocket monsters". It's no different then any other fan made shit and it should get exposure if it's good. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. I heard Japan's indie scene is nothing but fan made games of licensed properties so they should get it. I guess Nintendo or whoever ain't havin that.

As much as I can't stand those sites (and they are garbage), I think this author is in the wrong. Their personal secret Pokemon game was never going to happen. Especially if it's quality and people like it.

electricrabbit1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

The author isn't saying that the game will stay a perfect secret game forever. Just a matter of extending the life span a little more.

Thank you for stating what you did though, gives the author an idea of just what to add to the article.

Digital_Anomaly1215d ago

What a ridiculous sentiment. Nintendo had nothing it could really do when this was nothing more than a private project in development. Once it was released for public consumption they had to step in and protect their IP and that would have happened with or without the journalists covering it. Do you honestly think Nintendo didn't know about this well before now?

electricrabbit1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

It was able to be downloaded for years prior, the beta and alpha versions of the game weren't private downloads, they were public. Forums were also public.Kotaku had even reported on this project being in the works prior to this, 2 years ago and since nobody dog piled on it, still nothing happened to it. Nintendo didn't do anything, they smothered countless other projects long before they got out of Alpha and Beta stages. They would even kill smaller projects like the Bulbasaur Planters before they really got off the ground.

Do you honestly think they wouldn't have killed this one?

MaxiPower901215d ago

This post is just as bad, click bait. Slow news day so you drag fan projects into it. As a member of many fan community's. Do not advertise us. We don't want two million people liking at I when in reality only 5000 or so will play more than the first hour. Gamers who are generally interested will find their niche groups on their own.

electricrabbit1215d ago

Considering the fact that this is the exact thing that the writer is saying in the article to not advertise fan groups unless you ask to be advertised and that the writer themselves mentioned they were also a fan of Pokemon Uranium, playing it for several years, as well as mentioning several other fan projects that they may very well have ben a fan of prior to a shutdown. Could it be that by making a post like this addressed to other game journalists, they may have been trying to make an open letter to them, to prevent this from happening again?