Which of These 5 No Man’s Sky Players Are You?

Move out the way, pirate.

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NickBiazzo12311216d ago

I'm actually not sure which player I am!

Orejillz1213d ago

SCOUNDREL! lol, I'm a pirate sometimes too.

Aenea1214d ago

I've done all, well not the blackhole and gunning for the centre bit, but I will be doing that after a while!

I love killing off those damn pirates and then go after the ship they attacked myself, don't like to share, muahahahahaha

joab7771214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

2,3,4 and some 5 when I'm pissed. I can kill everything they throw at me now!

I'm actually hoping they add more difficult sentinels and dogfightz.

Orejillz1213d ago

Yes, along with some more varied weapons for my Starship

DasTier1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

I'm the one who's stopped playing due to a lack of features and variation.

Will return when some of the previously promised features get patched in.

At the moment it just feels like a tech demo.

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