Flying Into The Hype With No Man's Sky

Hey Poor Player flies into the hype with No Man's Sky to examine how one of gaming's brightest stars ultimately became little more than a gas giant.

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derkasan1209d ago

It did seem to have unrealistic expectations.

Lon3wolf1209d ago

People seemed to have unrealistic expectations.

Death1209d ago

People seemed to have unrealistic expectations based on what the developer and other gamers said the game would be. Just look at my post history before launch when I said I was waiting for reviews before buying the game. The people that didn't pull the fanboy card described a game that didn't ship. Expectations were very high and no one stepped in to correct them. It's like lying by omission. You can say it's not the responsibility of the developer to correct them, but if you do you can't defend them from the feedback they are getting after release. It seems pretty clear why there was so much effort to keep people with early copies from talking about the game and also why they sent review copies late.

thorstein1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )


The game is exactly as described by Hello Games. What is missing?

Expectations were high. Okay. Expectations were met. So. High expectations were met means people were lying?

What isn't in the game? Multiplayer interactions were never promised. Hello said that you probably wouldn't even see them. I devoured everything Hello said about the game (not what some hack journalists said) and they delivered.

let's recap:
What was promised:
An enormous space exploration game that has quintillions of planets. You will make a journey to the center of the galaxy. Along the way the planets will be procedurally generated as you discover them. You upload your discoveries and journey on. It will also include alien races and space combat.

What we got:
All that plus an alternate path through the Atlas, survival, crafting, upgrading ships, weapons, and exosuit, a jetpack, the ability to become a space pirate, learn alien languages, and discover even stranger fauna than was promised.

So. Expectations, though incredibly high were exceeded.

Ok. Why the hate?

Death1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

If there is zero chance of meeting other players due to the fact the game doesn't support multiplayer, then why mislead people by saying "probably" not?

As for meeting expectations, what are you basing that on? I don't think many expected shallow, repetitive game play. I followed the game over the past couple years and didn't know it was primarily a survival game.

Please don't confuse disappointment with hate. Hate is just a cheap excuse people use when they can't find a legitimate reason to refute someone else's opinion. You are clearly better than that.

Lon3wolf1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )


I agree with the MP part if you cannot see each other even though you are in the same place then yes that sucks and they should of tested or come clean if it wasn't possible. It's just people were expecting a different game to what was described. Over a year ago HG said it will be a SP experience with the slimmest of chances of meeting someone, to not expect a traditional MP game. Also to expect a very chilled exploration experience. Not sure how people feel that HG didn't deliver on that.

BlackTar1871209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

All i see if the MP lie/miscommunication call it what you want. This alone doesn't make the game a disappointment and fall below expectations, even if that was in the game the chance of you running into someone on a trillion planets on small servers is around .0000000000000000000001%. This is a tag line the few the proud the overzealous xbox fans are continuing to hang on to justify the hate

For Clarification HATE is the right word. Have you bought the game yet Death or are you just in LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE article about the game? Move on Jeebus. You have a completely noted slight towards sony so why do you spend so much time Hating on the game? Is it cause you have an agenda?

xActionBasturdx1209d ago

Your statement basically sums up NMS's release in a nutshell

Death1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )


The omission of multiplayer isn't what makes NMS a disappointment, the repetitive nature and lack of story line are what most critics feel make it much less than what it could have been.

Do the critics that weren't happy with the game HATE it as well or do they simply have a different opinion than yours? Do you honestly feel yours is the only valid opinion and everyone else is simply a hater?

thorstein1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )


I based my expectations solely on what the Dev had to say about the game and nothing else.

Why would I care what some journalist had to say? I read the interviews from 2014 until launch.

Here is the link to the about page for No Man's Sky.

What is not there that they promised on their website?

MP was never promised or even hinted at. Think of it as playing a Souls game in SP only where there are things left by other players (messages/ discoveries) but no interaction.

I do appreciate that you are more rational than the the haters. But, the problem is that MP was never promised, Sean even said doing it would be "impossible" 2014.

dead_pixels1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

@Thorstein: Except Murray did comment on multiplayer interactions as recently as March of this year saying:

"We're trying to not say exactly what happens, but it's not one ... it's a thing that very rarely occurs, so the chances of you landing on a planet that somebody's actually been to before is pretty rare. It's a nice thing when it happens. The chances of you being in the same space, the actual same planet at the same time as somebody, is something that might never happen. Certainly for an individual player, it might never happen, and it won't be your friends for sure.

So when you do, we want you to be aware of it, and we want you to have a sense of it, and we want it to be a real moment. But it's not like you go off and play deathmatch together, or call Julie, or start meleeing together and tea-bag each other. That is not what the game is about. It's more of a Journey-esque experience, or Dark Souls-esque kind of thing." - GameSpot, March 2016

Would you consider a "real moment" naming a planet for someone to see? Of course not. He's referring to actual interactions with other players, something the game presently lacks, even in the most basic form.

No one is expecting going on epic raids together, but there isn't the slightest suggestion other players occupy the same universe as you do, and that's a problem.

thorstein1209d ago

@Pixels: How you got that out of that statement is a stretch. "We want you to be aware of it" is incredibly vague, and it is not as the haters have been describing it as "No MP = 1/100."

You know that.

There are instances that you are aware of when you encounter an already discovered solar system. You are aware that someone else has been there before. That is sure. There is a hint of MP when you see other star systems that have been named.

As for the two guys who streamed meeting but didn't see each other, it is quite possible that they are on different servers.

That is what is meant by the statement you provided.

As for teabagging mp, that is for other games, as he states.

dead_pixels1209d ago

@Thorstein - It goes well beyond his comments to Gamespot. Last October on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Murray said that "You can't see yourself, so the only way to know what you look like is for somebody else to see you."

This means that yes, you will come in contact with other actual players. You can't spin this any other way.

Artemidorus1209d ago

I agree but Sean Murray lied about the multiplayer aspects.

thorstein1209d ago


I understand that. You are a point. I am not disagreeing with that or "spinning it." I am simply stating that the two that encountered each other were on different servers.

In the Division when you are in MP areas, you may see your friends on the mini map but not their avatars. That is because it is "impossible" to sync everyone on the same server, even those on your friends list.

Sean said that in 2014. It is still true. The chances of running into someone on a planet / spacestation on the same server is astronomical.

The files actually have the astronaut design in them (

That isn't spin either. The design is there for some reason.

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Skankinruby1209d ago

Hello games delivered the game they promised. People's inability to pay attention to the clear details that were provided is completely on them. My expectations were also high, and they were met. But anyone complaining about lack of content had no clue what this game was ever supposed to be about. They wanted a game that with today's technology is not even possible to make.

1209d ago
NotoriousWhiz1209d ago

No Man's Sky. The best thing to hate since Pokémon Go.

FullmetalRoyale1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

You're pretty good.
The game is far from flawless, but I still find it so weird that people feel the need to rag on something that people are enjoying. That's not to say that there are not people that simply do not enjoy the game, but you all see exactly the types to which I am referring. Idk why people try to make other people fee bad. They must not be very happy people, and that's actually pretty sad.

dead_pixels1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

@fullmetalRoyale - If anyone digs the game I'm absolutely more than happy for them (I'm presently watching my wife play as we speak, and she's getting plenty of enjoyment out of it). Personally, I feel NMS is a lifeless and unexciting experience that offers very little compellling gameplay to match its sprawling universe.

However, I don't hate the game - as I said in the piece, I'd absolutely love to see the game reach its full potential. The problem is that at this very moment the game feels like an incomplete Early Access title than a $60 package.