Dull Space – “No Man’s Sky” review | Bear Claw Gaming

Hello Games’ space exploration title is a soulless drag.

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1206d ago Replies(5)
FattyBoy3D1206d ago

One of the few honest reviews of this game on this site. Surprised it got approved

1206d ago Replies(6)
EazyC1206d ago

Well let's just remember this site is not reflective of gamers' perception of videogames; by and large, this game has had very mediocre reviews. The few exceptions are those who I suspect have not sunken 10+ hours into it. I have to bring my rental back today but I am very glad I never purchased this game. This review summarised my experience to a t.

Surt1206d ago

The is the game gamefly was meant for. Glad I rented it too.

Perjoss1206d ago

Its interesting how this game has accumulated a following of haters. Most normal people are able to accept that something is not to their tastes and then move on, but i guess not everyone is capable of doing that lol

Errorist761206d ago

The problem is most people hating haven't even tried the game yet.

sammarshall1021206d ago

You don't have to try a game that looks bad just to confirm that it's bad

Errorist761206d ago


Oh yes you have.

Ark_1206d ago

Most people are also able to accept that something is not to others tastes and then move on, but I guess not everyone is capable of doing that. lol

PSN_ZeroOnyx1206d ago

A friend of mine from work who is a diehard Xbox fan just bought a PS4 this past weekend just for NMS. I warned him the game wasn't for everyone and he told me he has watched enough gameplay videos to know he wanted it. I even let him know it was on PC as well since I know he has a halfway decent PC.

I say he is diehard Xbox bc not only did he get the X1 at launch, he bought a second X1 for the CoD:AW X1. We rag on each other a lot and he always said he would never buy a PS4 lol. Now he says he is ordering a PS4 Scuf controller before he starts playing competitively.

MagicBeanz1206d ago

Who is Bear Claw Gaming? Oh nobody important, ok moving on.

Errorist761206d ago

Just another non-professional seeking some attention.

Errorist761206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Ridiculous click bait. Seems like everyone these days thinks he can review a game. I miss the old days with professional magazines instead of Internet wannabes.

Filmicfps1206d ago

it wouldnt stop ppl complaining or issuing death threats

Inzo1205d ago

Or starting petitions.

SeanScythe1206d ago

Oh you mean just the people paid to play the game and review them should have opinions? So glad I should have to accept only their views of the game. SMH

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