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Ahead was a lot of discussion about the price of No Man`s Sky, but it is now clear that this is the smallest problem of the game. Once one has made ​​1-2 system jumps, it is clear what the game really is. Repetitive without end and a hard grind is unparalleled. To get from one system to another, you always do the same thing. Planet grazing to get enough fuel for the hyperdrive. Eventually, it is nothing special to discover a new planet, because little variety and magic exists, as was suggested in advance.

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DrakeFan11211d ago

Another troll review from an unknown site. There is no way this game is a 5. It is a solid 8 at the least.

Bolts1211d ago

So reviews that doesn't support fanboys are troll reviews? I trust smaller website more than the fanboy and publisher approved scam sites like IGN.

Kirchh771211d ago

Nah it's a troll review bc it bases things off bs. It's not over the top action or w ability points to be allocated so it's bashed as boring. It's only fucking repetitive if u CHOOSE to do the same goddamn shit over and over in a routine. I do different shit to make things fresh and things have not gotten repetitive whatsoever for me in my 40 hours of game time so far. It's not for the simple minded and those simpletons can't take it so u see dumbass scores once in awhile. It's like playing a baseball game and expecting football.

TFJWM1211d ago

5 is low but NMS has pissed me off lately, I was just playing it then that PoS crashed again so now I am on N4G. I'd say its a solid 7 would be more if it didn't crash

corroios1211d ago

Why are crapy clickbait reviews being approved. The game is already a huge sucess.

Kribwalker1211d ago

Terrible games can be great sellers. See aliens colonel marines for an example. Sales don't mean it's great

TFJWM1211d ago

And great games can get terrible bs reviews...