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Gamespresso: "No Man’s Sky is a beautiful, open-ended survival game that makes phenomenal use of procedural generation in order to turn players into actual explorers. Despite this however, the title also struggles in the endgame to do credit to its lofty ambitions and one-of-a-kind universe."

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Xxxharrybxxx1208d ago

All it is is mining resources. And then you have to mine resources to help you mine resources. The same repetitive thing. You visit a very large trading hub with just 2 rooms. And one room is locked because you need a pass.

The aliens you encounter are totally stupid. The animations alone are just so dumb. have to see it.

You can't crash your ship! No matter what you do. The game will adjust your ship and gently make you fly away. I wanted to see what happens. I was shocked.

If you happened to find a rare item or mineral pirates can come and kill you. But then you just get it back anyway. You wont loose anything.

When the AI brings in shipments. They leave crates behind and you can just take them. Its hilarious.

The game is nothing what it says. Its all pre generated planets and animals. You hop from one planet to another and the only difference is the color. That is what it feels like.

Also for some reason some plants and animals can survive in these pre generated planets with very or little oxygen.

BossBattle1208d ago

I respect your honesty. You've tried it and didn't fall for the hype. You're not in denial like these other guys who want to give it a higher score just for being on the PS4.

stimm161207d ago

The score has nothing to do with what system it is on. It would have been the same score had it been an Xbox game.

1208d ago
stimm161207d ago

Your opinion of the game is totally valid. I feel like that is what a lot of people will say about it. No Man's Sky is a very slow paced game where the large part of the emphasis is on resource management. For a lot of people, that is not the type of game they are interested in. For me though, I did enjoy the slower paced nature of it and the underlying systems. The game certainly has flaws, but its still fun.

As for not being able to crash your ship, I actually really appreciated that it wasn't insta-death the moment you nudge the ground and also wasn't take a little damage and bounce off the ground unrealistically.