Is Nintendo Becoming Oppressive?

Cease and desists from Nintendo are as common as coins in a Mario game. Is that good business or is it petty?

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R00bot1207d ago

No. It's pretty much standard fare for any company to protect their copyrights like this. Sure, it sucks, but looking at it from a business perspective it completely makes sense.

sloth33951206d ago

don't think they would post this if it was Sony or Microsoft doing it

rjason121206d ago

This is now the common Nintendo bashing article of the month, I swear every day, a new article on the same shit.

blawren41206d ago

It's good business. Setting a precedent for allowing free use of their IPs could get out of control very quickly. People would continue to see a moving blurry line. You've got to squelch it early if you want to maintain control of your own IPs.