Dead Space: No Man’s Sky & The Missing Multiplayer

TheSixthAxis talks No Man's Sky and how the games pre-launch pitch may have mislead many coming into this space-faring survival sim:

"From the feel and functionality of space travel down to the game’s gorgeous sci-fi stylings, there’s an awful lot Hello Games has managed to nail with No Man’s Sky. Despite never stepping foot on its intergalactic hype train, I could still see from a distance why so many people were losing their minds."

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Pongwater1215d ago

It says something about today's gaming world when a developer says clearly "Don't buy this expecting a multiplayer game" and then there's an uproar about the lack of multiplayer.

1215d ago
spoilerjerk1215d ago

I swear the only hate on this game continues to come from people who wanted the game to be something it was never said to be. They wanted AssassinsCreed/FarCry/Fallout/ GTA in space - otherwise known as a game that holds your hand and everybody has the same story.

Nitrowolf21215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

I agree that a lot of heat is coming from the idea of the game being something else. So far I am loving the game for what it is

concerning the multiplayer he (Sean mrrey) has stated multiple times that you are very unlikely to bump into someone but he did State you can play with them if you do. There are multiple articles interviews videos of him in it saying that the game has multiplayer.

That's the issue. PC Gamers have already data mind the game to show that there's not even an indication that the game even had any kind of multiplayer. Apparently there's a sticker on the back of the retail box that covers up the logo for multiplayer. Sean keeps avoiding the question if there's multiplayer and if you can actually see people . People are upset because they lied about it, and yet people are quick to defend it yet if it were any other game you would be chewed up to death.

Death1214d ago

Many people talked about the game they wanted NMS to be. The problem is the guys at Hello did nothing to clear up what people thought the game was. If anything Sean was misleading with some of his comments. Very unlikely sounds like the possibility exists. He should have been clear and stated it won't happen since there is no possible way to see someone else online. I honestly don't even know how you can call a game "online single player" unless it's a flash game you play in your browser. Even the box art was wrong on early copies.

I think the bigger question is why didn't the developers add multi-player to the game? I think it would be a much more interesting game if you could play with friends. It's not like there is a heavy single player campaign to play through that would be impacted by making it multi-player.

darthv721214d ago

The game could have been like WoW in space. Where you can do your own thing or join up with others and all traipse around the galaxy together. That would have been pretty cool and the adventures of others throughout the universe could / could not influence ones own ability to explore and be part of the action or fly solo.

It wasnt so much about action and blowing stuff up as much as it would have been fun to explore and mine with others. And who knows... it may be added on after the fact. Lots of games initially start out as single player with multiplayer elements added on later.

morganfell1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

" And who knows... it may be added on after the fact. Lots of games initially start out as single player with multiplayer elements added on later."

He said it was something they were looking at and would come later...later. You know, as in later. Then again pointing this out prevents people from downplaying the game in the name of traditional multiplayer.

freshslicepizza1214d ago

if they just came out and said that there is no way to interact with anyone or see them online that would have been fine. but that isn't what he said or implied.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )


You see the problem with that entire "oh he didn't clear it up" argument is that he did on twitter and the NMS website.

Aug 8th

"To be super clear - No Man's Sky is not a multiplayer game. Please don't go in looking for that experience."

Then you'd have to understand how procedural generation works. It would have been impossible to have multiplayer in such a game since each game is generated randomly. It would be like asking two people, each with a set of 4 dice, to roll the same number at EXACTLY the same moment in time.

Yes that's impossible. You'll have better chances to get struck by lightning.

Exoil1214d ago

@Hugs: Yeah, sure buddy. Spending years of hyping the game as a multiplayer game should be forgotten because the DAY BEFORE the game is released the creator tweets that it's not a multiplayer game. Yeah, sure..
Let's just forgive him for straight up lying to everybody.

"Sean Murray: The only way to know what you look like is for somebody else to, y'know, see you
Colbert: Can you run into other people, players, in the game?
Sean Murray: Yes"
Sean is a Peter Molyneux wannabe, and too many people let's him get away with it. Sheeps.

_-EDMIX-_1214d ago

@death- "Many people talked about the game they wanted NMS to be. "

That's irrelevant to hello games so they talked about something that the team never stated or even hinted at ever being the game?

"The problem is the guys at Hello did nothing to clear up what people thought the game was."

So if 100 people have a 100 different ideas of what they want no man Sky to be why on Earth should Hello games go out of their way in explaining to hundreds of different people what the game isn't ,when it's easier to just State what it is?

I'm sorry but ignorance is not a virtue and it's a completely stupid excuse you're basically saying for the dumb slow dim-witted people we should have someone go out and continue to repeat themselves as opposed to just ignore them.

it is not any developer's fault that a gamer decides to make up what they think the game is when the information has been provided to the public and all the damn places that it legally needs to be on their website on their Facebook page on their YouTube page and all over the public.

Being stupid is not an excuse.

If you think multiplayer makes a game interesting why don't you actually go play a multiplayer game? In fact if the damn developers telling you that this is what it's not, wouldn't that already stop you from purchasing the game in the first place?

I'm sorry but it's not the developer's fault that stupid people exist and decide that they don't want to listen to facts regarding a game.

If you honestly believe that the developer withheld information or misguided the public or advertised the game falsely take your claims to court.

Whenever I hear Gamers try to bring up such grievances against developers are publishers usually what holds them in their tracks is telling them if their grievances are real they should have no problem taking it to court.

The very thing you're talking about is illegal!!! if what you're saying is absolutely 100% true then it technically means you could take it to a court of law and sue them for false advertising.

So let's sue Activision because Call of Duty is not an MMORPG kart racing game?

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Rare1215d ago

still implying that if a miracle happened and you did bump into someone, that would be the only way you could see your character.. 😶

I'm pretty sure this is what most people are upset about.

Lon3wolf1215d ago

Exactly, not only that, that was said over a year before release but people still insist it all changed 3 days before.

1nsomniac1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

What the hell is wrong with you people!?

He clearly said there was multiplayer & clearly said that it was possible to meet other people. In fact claiming it would be the only possible way you would ever find out what your character model actually looked like. People have been uploading the very video where he makes this claim & you people are still childishly defending him.

It's ironic that while trying to make the point of others being stupid you come out the worst in your own argument without anyone else having to even get involved.

Christopher1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

He never said there was multiplayer, that entails playing a game 'with' others rather than just existing in the same server/shard. He said the only way you would be able to know what you look like is if someone else saw you. I'm not certain if that last item has been fixed or not, but the statement of there being "multiplayer" is false, as that entails a system design of playing with others and that is not what he has ever said. Journalists have said it, but he has not.

thorstein1214d ago

"The only answer that I can think of for this is a really technical one. If we were to make a game where we synchronized every player, what they were doing with every other player, then that would be impossible and no one has ever done that." Sean Murray 2014.

"To be super clear — No Man's Sky is not a multiplayer game. Please don't go in looking for that experience," Sean Murray 2016

What is confusing to you?

Pongwater1214d ago

It seems a lot more ridiculous to start screaming about lies when it's obvious the game has server problems. I'm still having to upload discoveries more than once, for example.

Expecting the game to have every player in the same instance is equally idiotic, and the different times of day in the infamous "proof of lies" video should strongly imply to any rational person that those two players weren't in the same instance.

I watched that video and thought "technical issues"

You watched it and grabbed your digital torch and pitchfork.

I know which seems more rational to me.

Summons751215d ago

The uproar is because literally up until 3 days before release he have been told countless times "Yes you CAN find other players, you CAN see them, however the chance of that is extremely low" So obviously people are going in expecting to find someone only to find out we've been lied too for 5 years with a tweet saying vaguely that there isn't multiplayer which the common public won't see but have read about the low chance of meeting players on multiple occasions.

Christopher1215d ago

I do question how easy it was for people to find one another in the game when he did say it would be almost impossible. Makes me wonder if the world is "that big" or is it a simulated size while only certain portions are being utilized to start with while others aren't?

thorstein1214d ago

He said it was impossible in 2014. Then, in 2016 he said, it isn't a multiplayer game.

Internet search engines are your friend.

Pongwater1214d ago

The uproar is about an imagined proof of lies.

Articles about games releasing with technical issues, using NMS as an example, would make perfect sense. Articles about "they lied!" make no sense. The game is obviously having server issues.

TomatoDragon1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

That's what I can't figure out. I totally understand how games like this can be polarizing...but the devs have said, for months and over many vids and interviews, that the odds of you running into another player are very very low. I just don't understand why this is suddenly so surprising.

Death1214d ago

Saying the odds are very low isn't the same as saying it's not possible. From the sounds of it, the game is an offline game that uploads information like names and discoveries made by other people. That would explain why you can't see other players. It's misleading at best and at worst simply a lie. It feels like a bait and switch tactic which is why some people are upset.

Petebloodyonion1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

I'm sorry but the game was promote with Multiplayer in mind until recently.
The video about it is pretty clear when Sean's asked about did he created a big massive Multi player world, to witch he respond a big yes.

Also all the time he's been asked about it he mentioned that yes it was possible to meet players but hint that it would be nearly impossible due to the size of the universe and not because of server room where basically you have to be in the same 16 to 20 person room to see the other player.

And to conclude, NMS did cover up old boxes that had the online logo and change the rating accordingly, saying it's printing error would been a major major problems since it would mean that all committees that approve, art, legal mumbo jumbo, quality std would have fail.

thorstein1214d ago

I'm sorry but no it wasn't. In 2014 Sean Murray, in an interview with Game Informer stated:
"The only answer that I can think of for this is a really technical one. If we were to make a game where we synchronized every player, what they were doing with every other player, then that would be impossible and no one has ever done that."

And just in case you were confused by the word IMPOSSIBLE. He said this in 2016:

"To be super clear — No Man's Sky is not a multiplayer game. Please don't go in looking for that experience," Murray

Petebloodyonion1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Here! How about a simple answer! no the game is a single player experience instead here are the answer!

But I know the voice were probably change and it wasn't him!

Artemidorus1214d ago

Says alot about people who are one track minded and failed to notice he states many times about meeting others until that tweet.

A game that large is a total waste to one person in my opinion

thorstein1214d ago

So, stating that it would be impossible for the 2 years leading up to launch means he said you could meet up? That isn't even one track mind. That is off the rails delusional.

Pongwater1214d ago

Don't bother with this one, thorstein. He's having a lot of fun with his virtual torch and pitchfork.

I see server issues or other technical problems.

He sees "Ermagerd they LIED!"

Artemidorus1214d ago

Another example of self entitled millennials giving false information and delusional thoughts.

It's well documented you could see another player if it's possible, by luck you have had people attempting it and failed, you've had stickers placed on the back of a game replacing multiplayer features to single player and only one tweet just before launch he asked people to into the mind set of being a single player.

Now you are blaming servers which is false hope when some people have checked packets, codes and made it clear there is no multiplayer feature to meet anyone.

He should of made it clear it's a single player experience well before coming out. The more you support nonsense like this the more companies will take advantage.

Exoil1214d ago

@thorstein: You are incredible do you know that? He says one time in two years that all players synchronizing would be impossible and one time the days before release that the game isn't a multiplayer game and because of that you just swat away every other time he flat out lied?
How can there be any server issues when the game don't even send any information out?
Are you a couple of shills payed to defend the game or do you just enjoy Sean sitting on your face and shitting down your throats?

Pongwater1210d ago

If anyone is coming off like an entitled millenial it's you and the other crybabies.

If I thought it would make a bit of difference I'd find every Murray quote through the years that should have clued you in to the game not being multiplayer oriented, but I know it would be a waste of my time.

Have fun with your delusional crusade.

Artemidorus1210d ago

Do yourself a favour Pongwater and keep up, old article and a large list of missing features now on reddit.

I'd hate to be someone like yourself defending pure nonsense and waffling on and on in denial.

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Eonjay1214d ago

There is nothing wrong with gamers. It is the gaming media that is largely the problem.

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gtxgamer21215d ago

I'd like this game a whole lot more if I knew where to get an atlas pass 😭

xPhearR3dx1215d ago

Go to any beacon and select the outpost option. Build a bunch of bypass chips until you get 2 or 3 command centers from the beacon. Go to them and interact with the console in the middle of the room and you'll get a puzzle. If you get it right, you'll get a chance to get v2 or v3. So far I've only gotten v2. I'm not sure if you can get them a manufacturing facilities that also pop up with that option on the beacon. So far, every confirmed Atlas Pass has been from command centers.

Overload1214d ago

Follow the anamoly path that will lead you to the Atlas, it will give you the option from the Galactic map.

They will give you the Atlas pass v1.

Exoil1214d ago

Perhaps what @xphear said works, but I got mine from Space Anomalies popping up randomly in any solar system while your exploring. I haven't gotten any passes from command centers, but I've gotten V1 and V2 from Space Anomalies.

Surt1215d ago

People making excuses for this game not having multiplayer. Shit even Mind craft has CO OP. lol To miss such a vital component is mind boggling.

Before any goes about how they enjoyed playing SOLO in souls games... every souls game had multiplayer.

Christopher1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

I disagree with the fact that every game needs MP just as I do that every game needs SP (though I would say that my preference is for there to always be SP, but I'm not going to tell the developer it 'should' be there). It's up to the developer. If you don't like games w/o MP, then don't buy them. That's the best way to tell a developer what you want in the end and if they listen they listen, if they don't, they don't.

Death1214d ago

I like single player games with a good story as much as multi-player focused games. The thing with NMS is it doesn't have a deep story to drive it. It's simply creating random worlds where you do the same thing over and over until you get bored of doing it. For a game to focus on grinding so much, there needs to be a loot system or other type of reward system for doing it. You can upgrade your ship/suit in NMS, but there isn't much incentive to do it since you aren't leveling or even working towards a goal set by the stories narrative.

This is a game that screams for multiplayer since it relies so much on the players to create a story/reason to play.

WellyUK1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

ye but then again not every game needs a SP either... Can you really not see the benefits of NMS having a MP?

_-EDMIX-_1214d ago

1000% agreed, I'm in the same boat.

I'm tired of people begging for single player games to have multiplayer component just as much as I'm tired of people begging for multiplayer games that have single player component if the creator of the game created a concept that specifically has to do with single player let them focus on the concept of the game's creation if a game was made specifically to be a multiplayer only title I want to see what this team is trying to convey.

It's actually why if I even get Titanfall 2 I'm only getting it for its multiplayer simply because the team has already expressed that they had no interest in even creating a single player for the original Titanfall , why should I suddenly care about its sequel's knowing that they don't even care about such a portion of their game?

Dice will not make a single player game that comes near Uncharted, naughty dog will not create a multiplayer portion that touches a Battlefield game.

Let's respect Developers for what they bring to the table and stop trying to ask for this jack-of-all-trades game that is like 15 genres. Lol

_-EDMIX-_1214d ago

@wellyuk- the concept of No Man's sky was never created to be a multiplayer title.

I could see the benefits of No Man's Sky being a huge Avast MMO just like I could see the benefits of Dead Space being an amazing cover based multiplayer competitive shooter like Gears of War but the reality is it's just what you believe the game was going to be as a multiplayer game or simply Fanboy wishful thinking?

There's what you want and there is reality this is no different than the people that bag for single-player portions in games that are primarily multiplayer expecting some Bioshock like single player but this is also no different than games that have multiplayer portions that were attacked on in Gamers expecting it to be this amazing competitive Battlefield or Counter-Strike like experience.

What has Halo games done to have ever shown they could create such a complex Network MMORPG?

Did you seemingly forget that the game was made by about 5 people?

Again there is what you fabricated in your mind and actually reality I could assure you Battlefield 1 single player is not going to be some Half-Life or BioShock 2 defining single player, just like Titanfall 2 single player is not going to be some Game of the Year contender, it's a great example to show that people cried about Titanfall one not having some deep single player , well do you really believe with its sequel you're going to get that?

People were talking about RPG's they were even talking about Mass Effect and other type games in regards to what Titanfall one single player could have been completely, disregarding that the team has zero history of ever producing such a title, they've basically made up a fantasy in their mind of what they think it could be, absolutely disregarding all reality....

So when you say that no man's Sky multiplayer could be a fascinating thing are you saying this based on absolutely unrealistic wild dream? What has this team done that could ever support what you're actually saying?

Buddy this is no different than the people that were making it sound like Titanfall 1 single player could have been some Milestone story and experience....

I never believed that even for a slight moment based on the history of the team and we now finally get to see once and for all when Titanfall 2 story is shown to Gamers this is what you guys were going to get, please stop making up and fabricating with your imagination what you think the outcome will be based on nothing but fantasy.

No man's sky was made from a team of 5 people how many MMOs do you know where made in such a short period in time from a team of this little?

What you think would have been a great thing I can assure you was never going to be reality , consider Star Citizen is still being developed and its base concept is no man sky's BUT an MMO!

Christopher1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

***ye but then again not every game needs a SP either... Can you really not see the benefits of NMS having a MP?***

Did you not read what I wrote? First sentence even addresses SP. And, regardless of the "benefits" there are also negatives to it having MP, such as creating another game that is online required when the focus becomes MP focused as well as griefing by other players or the like (depends on the design, but just look at games like Rust and State of Decay for how other players actually drive people away from the game rather than to the game).

I like to leave those decisions up to the developers. If I ever made a game, it would be SP only for the sole fact that it makes balancing the game design 1000x easier to do. I'd like to think that the people would respect my decision to do that rather than argue it should be there.

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Psychotica1215d ago

I wasn't going to mention souls games but I do recall playing The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 solo..

Surt1214d ago

Aye, but FO and Witcher was rich with story. In the main storyline and those side quests. Something NMS does not have. Much of the boredom many are complaining about would have been mute if Co op was added.

thorstein1214d ago

How do you make excuses when the developer has been very open and up front about multiplayer for 2 years. He stated that it would be impossible to sync up 2014. "The only answer that I can think of for this is a really technical one. If we were to make a game where we synchronized every player, what they were doing with every other player, then that would be impossible and no one has ever done that."

Then, right up to launch he said: "To be super clear — No Man's Sky is not a multiplayer game. Please don't go in looking for that experience," Murray

Thinking this game was multiplayer is mindboggling.

Surt1214d ago

Read my comment. I say that it is stupid that they didn't ADD it. So much space wasted. It sitting at the score that its sitting on metacritic for a reason. Much of the complaints of boredom could have been elevated with co op. Not talking pvp.

jwillj2k41214d ago

Sorry, I didn't catch his tweet 3 days before the game came out. On top of that I had already preordered it.

However he has stated (in another tweet mind you) that it is possible and they are having server issues, so people should wait until they get their bearings before crucifying them. Now if the pseudo multiplayer comes out at the same time a patch is released, that would be laughable.

BongSmack1214d ago

',:| Do you mean alleviate?

_-EDMIX-_1214d ago

What excuses? The game was never marketed to actually be a multiplayer game, the developer came out several times and stated it's not a multiplayer game.

How could that be a vital component when the concept of the game was never even created with the idea of multiple people essentially playing with each other?

I'd actually rather the sequel have such a concept simply because I don't believe you could just add something like that to this game considering the foundation has already been clearly laid they've stated way too many times that this is not a multiplayer game to be seriously crying about such a thing right now.

if you want a multiplayer game go play a multiplayer game , stop asking of different concepts to be what you want when the developer has stated dozens of times otherwise.

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shockwave4life1215d ago ShowReplies(1)
Hardiman1214d ago

It would seem that a lot of folks are dense. It was clearly stated what it was going to be. Wishful thinking can't change what it is.