Kingdom Hearts III Listed for Nintendo NX at EB Games Australia

EB Games Australia has listed Kingdom Hearts III for the Nintendo NX.

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Idiedgoodbye2363d ago

Nintendo Xross? It's a good sign for Nintendos future support.

wonderfulmonkeyman2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

It would be great if this comes to pass.
I've owned and played every KH title thus far, and seeing KH end up on one of Nintendo's home consoles would be a real treat, as a fan who has done his best to follow it from platform to platform but has always wanted to see this happen.

It would be a day 1 buy from me.

Also, to those saying this isn't possible, keep in mind that there have been other rumored NX games that never came anywhere close to getting a clue to their existence like this.

Now, granted, this could be a photoshopped thingumajig, but I think those that honestly want Nintendo's third party support to improve, are hoping this is true as well, while those faking that wish are making excuses for Square to skip doing it.