Rumor: GTA Wii project in the works

With recent details dropping about the DS game, GTA: Chinatown Wars, the relationship between Take-Two and Rockstar with Nintendo was on the mind of the press. Take-Two CEO, Ben Feder, addressed the idea of Rockstar and its publisher bringing something to the Wii, namely its big franchise, Grand Theft Auto...

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kunit22c4321d ago

they have to amke this! and the wii already has some sweet hardcore titles comming like the conduit and disaster day of crisis! buit this will also be awesome!

MajesticBeast4321d ago

hell no gta is for the real systems not a gimmick.

TheColbertinator4321d ago

Funny picture.If Rockstar and Nintendo like money,which we know they do,they should go for it.

jorgeanaya0004321d ago

That would be cool, it can happen, since there is going to be one for the DS.

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