Amazon opens preorders for Destiny – The Collection in North America

Amazon has opened preorders for Destiny – The Collection on PS4 and Xbox One.

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neutralgamer19921211d ago

this game sort of re launched few times and gamers have been charged again and again

sadly the award winning part scares me because destiny didn't live up to the massive hype

it's a grind fest game
in 2016 it still doesn't have match making
it requires you to go to a website to arrange players to join the game
loot system is still broken
even after all these dlc's story isn't all that

don't get me wrong the universe has potential but money has ruled over destiny since day one. we as gamers have been nickle and dime since launch

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1211d ago

I mean, if you've been with the game up until now I can't imagine why you would buy this. This collection is for people who want to jump in new. Not people who have always been here.

Redx1651211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I'm usually a fan of complete editions but how many times are you going to charge gamers $60 Activision?

First it was with the base game...

Second it was with the first 2 DLCs and the base game

Third it was with the first 2 DLCs, Taken King, and base game

Now its the first 2 DLCs, Taken King, and Rise of Iron...

Let's not forget how you locked all your base game owners out of content just to sell the Taken King.

How gamers support this franchise I'll never know. Its design to milk you try with your money while being painfully a grind...