Actually, No Man’s Sky is Amazing (Pressurecast One-Hundred-Forty-Three)

The PlayStation Neo Reveal Could Happen Next Month, Xbox One Sales Gather Momentum, and THQ is Back From The Grave in the Worst Way Possible!

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Ashlen2666d ago

Yes, yes it is.

I really hope the genre evolves. Imagine if people keep making games in this style improving the depth and scope with each new game, imagine in ten years what types of games we could have.

Aenea2665d ago

1000 times the variation in animals and plant life, factions, multiplayer, entire wars being fought in tiny regions of one silly little galaxy out of millions of them...

I also would love to find actual civilisations and not planets void of intelligent life. I mean what is the home planet of yourself or the Vy'keen, Gek and Korvax? I wanna see them! Attack them with a bunch of AIs and people who are in my faction, and, and, and, ahhhhhh, the possibilities!

cyber_daemonx2665d ago

Considering the size of the dev team nms is certainly amazing. Yes its flawed but overlook those and its a real gem. Its a real time sink as well. Had to force myself to turn it off at 3am a few times. Makes going to bed early for work real tough.


No Man’s Sky just keeps getting better

No Man’s Sky is a game about infinity. It’s not just about having infinite things to do, which is how games often express themselves. It’s a game about being an inhabitant of an infinite universe, an infinitely tiny speck among the stars.

mastershredder30d ago

Oh okay so seeing the localy spawned planetary lifeforms and ships are STILL clipping through the terrain and flying through outposts since launch = Ace development and a slick game. Go soak your head. Hello Games is a huge unnessesarry waste of Sony's resources. Treated like a AAA studio while it shi7s out basic indie results. Big Nopes.

crazyCoconuts30d ago

Oh, I didn't know Sony bought Hello Games

DeusFever30d ago

Sony doesn’t own Hello Games.
Hello Games employs about 16 people.
All these updates are free. Hello Games makes money by selling more copies of No Man’s Sky.

PunksOnN4G30d ago

Yep let's be honest that dudes mad cuz Starfield flopped and no man sky slapped it in the face lol

Ra303030d ago

@PunksOnN4G He nailed it!!!! No Mans Sky really hurts them feels of them No Man's Starfield players.

Vengeance113830d ago

Still crying that Starfield flopped I see...

Andrew33630d ago

TIL a metacritic score of 83 is considered a flop.

Wintersun61630d ago


It is when it was supposed to be the game of the century.........

BillyCrystals29d ago

@Andrew226 51% on Steam and dropping

TheEroica29d ago

I love how much Sony fans bring up Starfield. Rent free baby... Rent free!

CombatEmu29d ago


Sony fans? PC players, which tend to carry Bethesda games, don't like Starfield that much.

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MaximusPrime_30d ago

unnessesarry? I can't even understand you.

Some butt-hurt kid who only likes shoot em up.

29d ago
Gamingsince198129d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I think you are confusing 2 major things here and that's why you look really dumb, I'll set things straight for you. 1 this is about No man's sky an actual good game to play not a game that had cherry picked reviews sent out called star field that turned out terrible with a review score of below 55 percent on steam and 2 this isn't Bethesda and MS, its hello games and they aren't owned by Sony.

Now that's cleared up, you won't look so silly in future

TheEroica29d ago

This reads like someone who hasn't touched the game since launch and doesn't realize NMS has become the goat.... 😂🐐

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RAFTECH2630d ago

Oh snap! I just found out this game is on GAMEPASS!


Sonic188130d ago

And it's better than Starfield imo

RAFTECH2630d ago

What’s even better is that both are on gamepass.


LifesChoice30d ago

Its worth trying, game is deep though, I loaded it up to try out casually got sucked in an have sunk over 80+ hrs in.
It has way more pull than starfield imo, only grip is lack of audio dialogue all text delivery, but the lore and story are great once you get the basics down.
I love the dedication to adding content game was rough at launch but they stayed true to "their" vision, its become one of my daily escapes. Anyone who tried at launch and didn't like, i would suggest another shot.

TricksterArrow29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

@RAFTECH26 Thank God it is. Was craving a good space game there.

RAFTECH2629d ago

It’s all there bro.

Gamepass is overwhelming.

I wasn’t able to get into starfield myself yet. I’m still playing Skyrim! Loving the mods.

TricksterArrow29d ago

@RAFTECH26 I would say skip Starfield. Maybe in a couple of years mods will fix it.

Aussiesummer30d ago

I’d love to see them add raytracing, on pc, I can just imagine what those planets and star systems would look like.

crazyCoconuts30d ago

I'm still floored at how good the PSVR2 image looks after their latest updates. My kid has a Quest2 hooked to a PC with a 3070 and PSVR2 is blowing it away.

MrNinosan30d ago

Already spent close to a thousand hours in NMS since release before PSVR2, and since PSVR2 another 150 hours. Absolutely amazing.

Acadioca30d ago

This has been on my backlog since it came out because i like space and exploration. I find the. But this article makes it sound like way more mining and crafting than I care to do...