Actually, No Man’s Sky is Amazing (Pressurecast One-Hundred-Forty-Three)

The PlayStation Neo Reveal Could Happen Next Month, Xbox One Sales Gather Momentum, and THQ is Back From The Grave in the Worst Way Possible!

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Ashlen1764d ago

Yes, yes it is.

I really hope the genre evolves. Imagine if people keep making games in this style improving the depth and scope with each new game, imagine in ten years what types of games we could have.

Aenea1763d ago

1000 times the variation in animals and plant life, factions, multiplayer, entire wars being fought in tiny regions of one silly little galaxy out of millions of them...

I also would love to find actual civilisations and not planets void of intelligent life. I mean what is the home planet of yourself or the Vy'keen, Gek and Korvax? I wanna see them! Attack them with a bunch of AIs and people who are in my faction, and, and, and, ahhhhhh, the possibilities!

cyber_daemonx1763d ago

Considering the size of the dev team nms is certainly amazing. Yes its flawed but overlook those and its a real gem. Its a real time sink as well. Had to force myself to turn it off at 3am a few times. Makes going to bed early for work real tough.