Prepare for a Zelda inspired journey as Oceanhorn gets Xbox One/PS4 release date. Gamescom trailer

Neil writes "Oceanhorn - Monster of Uncharted Seas is coming...and it'll arrive on Xbox One and PS4 before you know it!"

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NapalmSanctuary1211d ago

Now I understand why the music sounds so much like FF. Thats pretty f***ing awesome.

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KeeseToast1211d ago

I would love this on Vita!

feraldrgn1211d ago

Me too.
Midora got cancelled afaik, so I would love another zelda type game to take its place.

1211d ago
Kalebninja1211d ago

Why have i never heard of this game? it looks great

ONESHOTV21211d ago

i'm guessing you are not a pc gamer maybe that's why

Kalebninja1211d ago

Actually I am and Im always looking for indie games but i havent seen this one before.

Kosic1210d ago

Why would he have to be a pc gamer to hear of an iPhone game?
It released for ios in 2013, and on pc in 2015.

NapalmSanctuary1211d ago

Ive only ever seen an article for this game one other time since Ive been here (around 6 months).

sorenx1210d ago

This game has been out for a while

NapalmSanctuary1210d ago

@ sorenx On PC, I know. I watched some gameplay vids after I read that first article, a while back..

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The story is too old to be commented.