How Gears of War 4 Will Revitalize The Franchise

Richard Bailey Jr. at The Koalition writes: When Epic Games and Cliff Bleszinski introduced us to the original Gears of War almost a decade ago, they achieved the feat of creating a new, action-packed franchise that will forever be a staple of the Xbox brand. Over the next several years, Epic developed 3 more sequels until Microsoft purchased the gritty war-themed third-person shooter series in January of 2014.

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Romudeth1213d ago

Gears hasn't been in the public spotlight for a very long time so it will be nice to see it become prominent again. Looking forward to this.

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lxeasy1213d ago

Can't wait to buy this game, the beta was amazing

joab7771213d ago

I'm just worried that its gonna be too similar, and with all the choices and minimal time to play, I'm just not sure. Wish them the best though.

game4funz1213d ago

Well honestly I don't think theyll change it. It isn't gonna be suddenly a first person shooter or a tactical turn based RPG or a walking simulator. I really wonder what people expect from sequels. Do people expect uncharted to stop being uncharted? Halo to stop being halo? And be tomb raider or something?

joab7771213d ago

@game4funz I don't expect them to be different. Of course they wouldn't be an fps. But I've had the experience, and with the time I have, I'm just not excited for Gears anymore. U4 was good, an ending to a great series, but I played it once and that was it. Its a beautiful game, but Im just much more selective nowadays. I hope people love the new Gears.

rbailey1213d ago

This game is in a far better place than it was back at E3 2015. Definitely looking forward to seeing what a new squad, enemies and weapons brings to the overall experience.

christocolus1213d ago

Agreed. You should check out the new mp trailer released by IGN. It looks so good.

Idiedgoodbye1213d ago

The commentators also help with the hype. This Gears is shaping up to be the best yet.

rbailey1213d ago

You're right. I just saw that trailer and the campaign footage with Marcus. Game looks badass man.

christocolus1213d ago

Nice. I can't wait to play Gears 4. I'm happy with the direction Coalition is taking the series. The campaign looks awesome with a stellar mp to go with it. Still waiting for more info on Horde 3.0.

spicelicka1213d ago

It looks amazing, king of TPS is back!

XtraTrstrL1213d ago

The crossplay is only for co-op, so sadly, since M$ is stubbornly keeping this a Windows Store exclusive, before getting Windows Store/UWP in any type of proper working order - it's gonna go down the same path as UE on PC. Competitive Multiplayer will be dead in no time on PC. The only hope for Gears currently on PC is for M$ to have Gears follow suit with what they did recently with Quantum Break. Release Gears:UE and GOW4 on Steam with support for Win7/8 and possibly DX11.

I want to play the game, but I refuse to waste $60 on a game that I won't be able to play the modes I got it for within just a few months. Plus all the restrictions and blockages that come with Windows Store/UWP exclusives make it a no-go. You can't even use something as simple as Nvidia Shadowplay, without inconveniently setting it to Desktop Mode each time, because UWP wants to block everything out so badly.

It's ridiculous how unfavored Winstore is over every other digital storefront, even Origin and Uplay are way better. Which is why there'll never be a healthy playerpool, even for a big competitive multiplayer game like Gears, because enough people won't be willing to get it as a Win10/Winstore/UWP exclusive. It's either go to Steam, or kill Gears on PC.

Errorist761213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

It will be on Steam rather sooner than later, be assured.

Movefasta19931213d ago

I have been trying to tell people this,the pvp modes will be a ghost town on pc.They need to put it on steam asap.

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The story is too old to be commented.