Pure: Full Demo Run-Through

GameXtract writes "A few hours ago we posted our badass impressions of the Pure demo, and promised a full video of the demo. After many hours of bearing with a slow upload connection we have managed to get the video online. It's off screen footage, but its definitely one of the better version you see these days. No shaky camera or horrible audio. Just clean video footage showing off the entire demo to our readers. Get a good look at the demo run through after the jump!"

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sonarus3876d ago

What's so exciting about a demo where you just race around a track with no opponents. Fatal inertia demo for ps3 was much better imo

TheWickedOne3876d ago

The PS3 demo you get to race w/ 16 opponents on I believe the Italy track. That is after you complete the 5 objective. Anyways I enjoyed the demo, but Will probably buy Motorstorm 2 instead.

solidworm3876d ago

motorstorm 2 all the way

xg-ei8ht3876d ago

where's the ps3/360 comparison.