Why Difficult Video Games Appeal To Us

Max Moeller at The Koalition writes: We play video games for fun, don’t we? They are for our entertainment. They also allow us to pass the time while trying to beat our friends at something. Games like Mario Party, Castle Crashers, and Super Smash Bros. exist to prove that you are better than someone because beating people is fun to us for some dark reason, especially when we know these people.

Why would we want to remove that fun competitive factor and instead play soul-crushing and rage-inducing games like Dark Souls, Ninja Gaiden or Shovel Knight? Pissing ourselves off isn’t fun. Losing over and over again isn’t fun. Why do we buy these games then?

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Fist4achin1210d ago

It's that innate drive to accomplish and succeed! Bring it because I love it.

rbailey1210d ago

A solid piece and a great explanation throughout. Dark Souls III is one of many games I have yet to play not because I'm afraid of dying but just because my time is limited at the moment. I will certainly try it out one day though.

LoveSpuds1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Make sure you do buddy, its a fantastic title. Like the others in the series, it's not that hard if you are patient and have good timing.

LoveSpuds1210d ago

That was a good read.

As someone raised on games on Atari 2600 and Spectrum before getting my beloved Commodore 64, I think my personal taste for hard games stems from my childhood. No saves, limited lives and janky controls meant you had to improve or you would get nowhere.

masterfox1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

is not appeal we just love real gaming, back in the days of NES, SNES, Sega Genesys, Playstation, N64, in other words 80's and 90's gaming were the real deal what gaming is about, it was just you and the cartridge or disc and a instruction booklet, and thats it!, now start beating the game and good luck, there were no internet or forums to help you out, there were some magazines to help you out but there weren't for all the games, most of todays gaming theres a tutorial that grabs your hand like a toddler and guides from start to finish.

Chaos_Order1210d ago

For me, I'm just sick to death of modern games that hold your hand, assume the player is a moron, enable various tools so the experience is as trouble free as possible, offer up a skip button... and then "hard mode" is just the same game but enemies do more damage, and you have to resort to cheap tactics, grinding, or memorising everything. That is, of course, assuming hard mode isn't still really easy.

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