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No Man's Sky is a proper name because when you think of something you'd like to do, the answer is "No".

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Filmicfps1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Lol funny title!

ima rent this

Palitera1210d ago

You'll probably expend a lot on rent with this game... It is huge.

I am loving the game, when you finally have your equipment set, the game opens up, but the reviewer has a point: the game design is absurdly restrictive, from the very beginning of the game.

Malacath1210d ago

I'm just curious how the game opens up?

All you do is travel from planet to planet, harvesting, scanning, naming and uploading.

There is just nothing to do beyond that. The survival aspects are non existent. It calls itself a survival game but I can't build shelters or bases on planets and don't need to eat or sleep. Having health bars for toxic, radioactive or cold planets does not make it survival.

Anyone wanting a decent space exploration game should just get Elite Dangerous. Its 1000 times better because there is actually something to do.

joab7771210d ago


I love Elite but there's something about NMS that I absolutely love. Its been a very long time since I have fell for a game like this. Yes, the survival aspect is limited, and once you figure it out, it isn't really an impediment.

Palitera1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Malacath, it opens up because:
1. You can then travel to different, more interesting kinds of stars (
2. With 96 slots won't need to deal with inventory limits too much. It seriously improve the experience.
3. With warp driver upgrades you will be able to travel much faster towards the middle of the galaxy.
This last one is important because it makes the life forms and planets change (and get weirder) waaay quicker.

fei-hung1210d ago

The game gets better as you progress. At first it's about inventory management, walking around getting bits to fix your ship

Then it's about upgrading your suit and ship to travel out.

Then to upgrade deeper to travel further.

Then comes the pirates who attack you so you have to look at upgrading your ship to fend of pirates.

Soon you reach resources that call the cavalry immediately.

The deeper I get to the centre, the thicker and faster the that's become.

TheCommentator1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Not necessarily, since lots of people are bored with NMS after a few hours anyways. TBH, It reminds me of how I felt dealing with all of the tedious resource-grinding "minigames" in the Mass Effect Trilogy. NMS deserves a 5 or 6 out of 10. Nothing wrong with that review score either, it's just not a game for everybody. Hell, Too Human on 360 was one of my favorite games of last gen and most people think it sucks, lol. I you like it though, enjoy it!

I agree with Malacath about Elite Dangerous, especially with all the content they plan to add to it.

frostypants1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

@TheCommentator: The problem with the content being "added" to Elite: Dangerous is that they will effectively make you buy the game all over again to access it. And it is a big IF that they will ever add the content that would be necessary to make it a great game (e.g. explorable planets with actual atmospheres and life). As of now, it's a game that lives off of potential rather than what it offers now.

@Malacath: I've played both No Man's Sky and Elite: Dangerous. E:D really does not have much more to do than NMS. You mine, you trade, you fight off pirates, you explore. The biggest differences are E:D has more complicated ship simulation, everything takes 10x longer to travel to (seriously, some systems in E:D have outposts in them that take LITERAL HOURS to travel to...DEAR GOD WHY?!), and the planets you can actually land on in E:D are all dead rocks. Otherwise it's exactly the same: explore, get stuff, sell stuff, upgrade ship. In fact, NMS is the only one of the two has a plot to follow if you care to, albeit a thin one.

I liked Elite: Dangerous for the first 50 hours or so but the travel times ruin it after a while. Both are basically just time wasters, but I can sit down and play NMS for 20 minutes and have fun. You can't do ANYTHING in 20 minutes in E:D. There's a reason E:D has been out this long and is still kind of a fringe game.

Summary: I own both. I am playing the hell out of NMS. I have no interest in picking up E:D again anytime soon.

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Trekster_Gamer1210d ago

The author is correct. So many planets, so little to do on each.

Kirchh771210d ago

Nah. 20+ things to do each and every planet. Plus 10+ things to do while flying in space. Don't blame the game when it's user error.

Neonridr1210d ago

@Kirchh77 - how many times do you do the 20+ things on each and every planet you visit? And how many times do you do it before it becomes repetitive and mundane? Just honest questions.. interested to see your responses.

1210d ago
frostypants1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

@Neonridr, would you prefer they only let you do 1 or 2 things on each planet, instead of including everything? I mean, it's kind of up to you how much you choose to do on each planet. But the game doesn't expect you to visit every outpost and mine every mineral and catalog every creature and visit every merchant and raid every factory and visit every ruin etc. etc. etc. on every planet you land on. You CAN...but that's your decision.

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joab7771210d ago

Renting isn't a terrible idea, but if you are like me and the first 4 he's fly by like 30 minutes, ya better go buy it b/c it's one of those games in which time just flies by.

There's certain games I buy digitally, and NMS is the perfect example.I will spend 100's of hours with it, and go back again and again.

thorstein1210d ago

The name of the guy who wrote it is even funnier.

Knowtechie doesn't know tech or video games. The guy is clueless.

Filmicfps1210d ago

because he gave it nms a 5 right?

thorstein1210d ago


No, because he has never understood technology. He used to regularly post his stories to TechSpy and they would be woefully inaccurate.

To give oneself a moniker like "Knowtechie" then not actually know what he is talking about is quite sad.

So he moved over here to place a few trolling pieces about NMS. He even stole the Headline from Crave Online.

He clearly doesn't know anything. And giving NMS a 5 because he doesn't know how to play it isn't the fault of the developer.

Trekster_Gamer1210d ago

How's he clueless?
I've played this game almost 10 hours and everything he said is spot-on.

If you would like to do the same exact thing over and over and over again on different looking planets and maybe this game is for you.

I feel like 60.00 was waaaay too much to ask for what we ultimately received.

Pongwater1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

"If you would like to do the same exact thing over and over and over again on different looking planets and maybe this game is for you."

Substitue "levels" for "planets" and you have a description for every game ever made. Maybe this game is for you, and maybe it isn't.

I'm entranced/captivated/fascinate d by No Man's Sky

thorstein1210d ago


I was referring to his inability to understand tech. He is clueless.

It appears that inability to understand things has translated to video games.

All the worse for him.

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stalepie1210d ago

It was actually used a few days ago in a previous review:

thorstein1210d ago

Exactly. This guy is so unoriginal he has to steal from others. He has been caught doing it before on Techspy.

rainslacker1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

You know this won't play on your Xbox One right? You'll need a PS4....or PC, but don't think you can rent games on PC.

Filmicfps1210d ago

Ill play it on my PS4. Can you play ur ps4 from ur high horse?

rainslacker1210d ago

Indeed I can. My horse really enjoys watching me play MGSV. But he tends to get a bit too excited with the horse armors, so I have to keep him stabled.

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frostypants1210d ago

Nice. It's definitely one of "those" games. People either love it or hate it.

SmokingMonkey1210d ago

I don't get Minecraft or PokemonGo, so to each their own.

But I think what NMS achieves is truly mind blowing, especially when you consider what Quintillion means.

DC7771210d ago

Good review and great title. Sounds just what I thought it would be.


Lol I wasn't expecting much from nms I don't know why people are talking it up

LordMaim1210d ago

Possibly because they're enjoying the game? I am.

EpicSandwich1210d ago

A 5/10? So much fun right?

LordMaim1209d ago

@EpicSandwich: You mean a 72 on Metacritic? Hey, the game's not for everyone. Some of the critics really didn't like it, but a lot of them really did.

Mind you my enjoyment isn't based on what critics think, it's based on my actual experience with the game. So yes, it is fun.

It is so much fun.

akurtz1210d ago

theres a difference between playing the game and reading some random reviewer on the interwebzzz

CorndogBurglar1210d ago

Because a lot of people like it. Its not a difficult concept to understand.

Pongwater1210d ago

I'm talking it up because I love it.

Just one more game that for me proves reviews are next to worthless.

TrollsBringer1210d ago

Because it's a PS4 exclusive. Yes it's on PC, but PC "doesn't" matter here.

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Razzer1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Did this guy really just put the end-game spoiler in his review?

2cents1210d ago

I read the word SPOILER and I immediately closed the page.

A real A$$hole.

snakeeys51210d ago

You immediately closed the page? The spoiler was at the bottom of the page. You really SHOWED THEM!

2cents1210d ago

Snakeeys, you are a complete tool.

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