Fallout New Orleans Trademark Registered

Fallout New Orleans has been trademarked on the European Intellectual Property Office, which could suggest that Bethesda and more specifically Obsidian could be working on a follow-up to the widely successful Fallout 4.

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1211d ago
gangsta_red1211d ago

I also heard you can use VATS to throw cheap irradiated beads over female ghouls heads.

-Foxtrot1211d ago

Have to would be pretty flooded if it's set there. I could see it as DLC but not a full game

However there's no info on what happened to the place so they could make anything up.

Kind of makes sense with New Vegas being the last one, seems they want to continue with the "New" bit so maybe their third Fallout game will be "New York".

Still wish they would do it so the spin off games are set in other places around the world. I wouldn't want a main game to be set outside the US since the theme and tones are part of the franchises charms but the spin off could have visited other places.

I really want to see Fallout: London

_-EDMIX-_1211d ago

It's not likely downloadable content as I don't see them registering a trademark for something that is merely downloadable content to another game.

This is likely obsidian's Fallout game.

I would also like to see Fallout London

joab7771211d ago

Yes. That would be cool for sure.

uncharted561210d ago

Wasn't something said in the lore that nothing outside of states had survived or am I completely wrong here

-Foxtrot1210d ago


They said Europe and the like were hit harder because before the war you had the resources war in Europe.

However people are still living over there but it's just been hit worse. I think this would provide great survival elements to the game and would provide us with new landscapes, mutated monsters and the like. You could even see rival companies to NukaCola and Roboco, there would also be new terminals and locks (different manufacturers) which would redesign the unlocking minigames we have,

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CaptainObvious8781211d ago

It's going to be the same disgusting engine, so no thanks.

Hellforged_Savant1210d ago

If it introduces the long hinted Ghoul Whale into the game, i'm all for it.

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Concertoine1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Honestly if i wanted to see Fallout New Orleans i'd just go to New Orleans now.

Probably wont get it unless they have Cafe Du monde...

Also shouldnt it be New New Orleans?

N0TaB0T1211d ago

Honestly I'd go to Nevada if I wanted to gawk at a wasteland.

Oh wait.

Posterboy391211d ago

Hope it more like new Vegas then fallout 4

Malacath1211d ago

Me too. Fallout NV was better than fallout 3.

jocomat91210d ago

platted both. fallout3 is better tho.

1210d ago
Nathan_Hale531210d ago

New Vegas is so much better than 4.

Count_Bakula1211d ago

No thanks if they put the same effort into NO as they did with 4. Recycled stuff, little to no gameplay or overall improvements, ect. FO4 did not feel like it should have been released anywhere close to 2015.

Null1211d ago

The creative team known as Bethesda were the minds behind the snorefest FO4. Obsidian was behind New Vegas and the article states that it may be them behind this new title.

joab7771211d ago

Obsidian is great. Probably be the same engine, but they will throw in new features for sure. Maybe they will get settlements right. I loved that part.

Bethesda should hire an outside writing team for their games. It would make all the difference in the world, and Obsidian games have had really good stories.

Movefasta19931211d ago

Let's all pray that obsidian are behind this.New Vegas is the goat.

Paytaa1211d ago

Yup. Obsidian knows how to write a way better story. New Vegas is definitely the GOAT.

Gatsu1211d ago

New Vegas was one of the most horrible games I've seen at launch. But now it's awesome.

Movefasta19931211d ago

i brought it for ps3 a year after launch, in my 90 hour plus game time,it only crashed like 5 times(including dlc) so i had a great time.

Nathan_Hale531210d ago

There are many games that launched worse.