Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding Already Has [an Internal] Release Date

One person in the world is privy to this information.


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PaleMoonDeath1210d ago

Release date to Kojima.. "When it's done"

gameseveryday1210d ago

Yes, but you also need to realize that Sony probably won't be giving him that much times as Konami did. Kojima cannot take another 7 years to develop a new game. I think he said in one of the interviews that DS will be coming out soon. So I'd say 2018 is a good bet.

smashman981210d ago

Kohima said himself he tends to be very good at producing games by projected deadlines

Sephiroushin1210d ago

How much time has The Last Guardian take? Gran Turismo games? etc. Sony is not knowing for rushing developers; unlike sadly the company that cancelled Level 5's game when it was at the end of its development and ( salty ) or obscidian, Fable I can go on...
After all Death Stranding might be an episodic game.

PaleMoonDeath1210d ago

I've enjoyed every making of Metal Gear Solid, he's infamous for extending development for the smallest things which are usually for the better, but Kojima's law is simple, he is finished when he is finished. Sony are also infamous for allowing huge development times, I doubt very much they would step in and interfere even if it's against buisness strategy. The game will be finished when it's finished, there isn't a set date that much I can tell you.

1210d ago
ziggurcat1210d ago

"... Sony probably won't be giving him that much times as Konami did..."

no. Sony has a reputation for allowing devs to take as much time as they need in order to finish their games.

Inzo1209d ago

"Yes, but you also need to realize that Sony probably won't be giving him that much times as Konami did."

I disagree, Sony is very lenient in giving the Devs the time they need to finish a game.

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Eonjay1210d ago

Kojima really doesn't waist any time. You get the feeling that he has already ironed out exactly what he wants this to be. And fortunately for him, working with Sony, he has the liberty to do that. I am excited. I like his work and I want to see what an unrestrained Kojima game looks like.

gameseveryday1210d ago

Judging by his Twitter feed, one may assume he does waste a lot of time. But come to think about it, he actually shares his development progress (besides the food photos). Meeting top level people...I am sure he must be discussing with them and learning new creative ideas.

Eonjay1210d ago

Its a two way process, they probably learn a lot from him as well. We don't know what kind of access he had prior to leaving Konami. In terms of collaboration or conversation with devs at large. And who would have imagined he would have had a full trailer in real time up and running on the PS4 for E3. That alone is a miracle by itself. Kojima's progress probably can't be tracked by his Twitter feed :)

freshslicepizza1210d ago

He likely has a placeholder date in mind,whether he gets it out by then is a different story.

This article seems like a real stretch. I expect the game out sometime in 2018.

Eonjay1210d ago

I have no expectations whatsoever. For me, its like what Kojima said: It will be released when its done.

1210d ago
S2Killinit1210d ago

No need to rush things. Take it slow and make it great.

sdcard4gb1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Who knows, may be.

Tobsesan1210d ago

They just started working on it and 4 Years is a good timeframe for a kojima game. So yeah, wont throw a game in 2-3 years out. He will polish it and release it when its done.

DragonDDark1210d ago

That's a PS5 release date. No way

Tobsesan1210d ago

If they even release a ps5. They said it could go all digital

DragonDDark1210d ago

What does that have to do with anything?

BrianOBlivion1210d ago

A total clickbait headline for a completely pointless article.

gameseveryday1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Edit: I have asked the admin to update the title.

Kingdomcome2471210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Not even trying to be rude here, but why do you, and or your site do things like this? I don't know if this is your primary vocation, but if it is, put a little bit of effort into it. Are you not a gamer as well? Do you enjoy being baited into clicks by deceptive titles? Neither do we. It may just be me, but it seems rather insulting to the gaming community as a whole. The only articles that I ever see come from Gaming Bolt that ever have any type of substance are from the writer who's name starts with a P. Everything else seems to be a screengrab from Twitter, or a deceiving headline for the sole purpose of clicks, leading to an, "article", that's not representative of it's title. Seriously, not trying to be rude but it's getting to be pretty ridiculous.

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The story is too old to be commented.