New screenshots of Fable 2 : Customization of the character published screenshots of Fable 2 which illustrate the customization of the character.

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RadientFlux3883d ago

Looks like it will be fun to dress up your character

MetalProxy3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

XD made my day

Fox013883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Buy a Lego and a barbie instead of Little Big Planet.

See, easy. Now just take your fanboism somewhere else...

Drekken3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Fox what in the hell are you babbling about? You like playing dress up and got offended? Where in my comment did you detect fanboism? Get a grip... not every comment made is about the console war.

BTW your mom wants that makeup washed off and her dress and high heels back in the closet before she gets home.

Bombibomb3883d ago

Damn Fox01 just got OWNED!

Gold3nStat3KID3883d ago

You know damn well your a fanboy, just reading your past comments alone shows you have something against the Xbox 360. If you dont like the console or its games admit it, and quit bullshetting yourself.

Drekken3883d ago

@goldenshowerkid - Past comments have nothing to do with this comment. This comment had to do with someones excitement to dress up a char.

The only thing I have against the Xbox is quality of the hardware and the "last-gen" aspects of the hardware and mediums chosen... plus I am not too fond of MS for Windows reasons. I think competition in the game industry is great and it keeps everyone on their toes. So In closing - you stfu. My comment had nothing to do with the console war. Post on your real account kid.

Fox013883d ago

PS3 is the best... greastest console of all time.... Teh C3ell... ov3rpow3rd... we all know it, you know it.
I don't don't understand why you guys need to troll on EVERY 360 ralated news...

3883d ago
Firstkn1ghT3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Wow Drekken is coming out with some junior high slams. Looks like we wont be seeing Drekken in the gamer zone for a long long time.

lowcarb3883d ago

Screw Drekken he's nothing but trash on this site as well as bomb who get off to trying to ruin good news for others. I've always hated miserable people that try and bring down others like every Sony fanboy seems to do on N4g.

Fable 2 should be fun to play with though and hopefully the progression from child to adult if it's in there is drawn out better.

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morganfail3883d ago

I wish I could customise myself. I'm such a fat bastard.

blackbeld3883d ago

if this screenshot looks like the last gen game. i actualy liked fable1 but this fable2 will be a huge flop with those last gen graphics.

Silogon3883d ago

Last gen graphics, huh? Last gen graphics are more like Too Humman, Mercs 2, WWE smackdown games and madden. These are actually really good and they're perfectly matched with the feeling of the game. I am absolutley amped for Fable 2.

AngryXbot3883d ago

The customizations look very subpar and simplistic. Not even close to the kind we have seen in Tekken 5 (and DR) or Soul caliber 4.

pp3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Yes you probably are a F** B******

trancefreak3883d ago

those screen shots look horrible can you explain pp what happened here?

mesh13883d ago

HAHHA LOOK AT THE PHONYS ACTING A like they have never seen gameplay footage of fable 2 haha we all know this game looks amamzing graphically.

3883d ago
ironcreed3883d ago

Wow, I am sure there will be plenty of other options as far as customization goes. But, other than the female character, the others look extremely [email protected] I am sure that there will be some badass looking features you will be able to implement for your character though, especially if you go the evil route and have horns coming out of your head, lol. So, I am not worried about it. This is still my most anticipated game by far right now.

MorganX3883d ago

I hear you. But the images are disturbing.

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