No Man's Sky Frametime Performance Review: Not Even on a Titan XP

GamersNexus: "This GPU performance analysis of No Man's Sky looks at stutters and frame drops ('hitching'), poor optimization, screen flickering, and low FPS."

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GamingIVfun1213d ago

With the beta patch the game runs very well for me on both a nvidia GTX 970 and a 1080. Even without the beta patch the game does not run as bad as some are saying, I guess I'm just not "following" all the hate.

Lon3wolf1211d ago

Seems at logger heads with Eurogamers assessment (also 4k 60 fps titan x):

Right now, there's a fair degree of weirdness remaining in the PC build and it's clear that many users are unable to achieve the locked frame-rate we did in our tests. For us, the experience was really solid on the Titan X rig - we noted just four dips in performance during 90 minutes of play. Stutter during the initial title screen is a known issue at Hello Games, but the only other dips came during a station station exit, entering the atmosphere of a planet, plus a bizarre dip down to 26fps during a warp jump. But we're talking about momentary issues that were quickly resolved and mostly unnoticeable.

Perjoss1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Funny because I have eveything maxed at 2560 by 1600 and it runs perfectly on gtx 980

Edit: just noticed this is an article based on 4k res, either ay digital foundry have a cool vid of the game running in 4k

assdan1211d ago

I'm running the game fine on a 390. The performance issues with this game have been greatly over exaggerated.