Nintendo Gives a Glimpse of The Temple of Time in Breath of the Wild

Through a Facebook post Nintendo has given us a glimpse of the temple of time in breath of the wild, Nintendo's upcoming installment in the Zelda series

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guywazeldatatt1038d ago

This is actually pretty cool. I can't wait until the final game is released to really explore the temple.

guywazeldatatt1038d ago

I'm wondering how much better the NX version will look. supposedly it will look better. the wii u version looked incredible; can't wait to get my hands on them both.

AJBACK2FRAG1036d ago

Nintendo already said it would be the same game. I stupidly thought this game was going to have online multiplayer because different areas were so huge! Look''s like a gorgeous way to send off the Wii U We had to wait for it but it's absolutely a love letter to Nintendo fan's.

wonderfulmonkeyman1038d ago

I wonder what the glow around the statue of the Goddess will do in the full game, when you interact with it?
I'm guessing something minor like a return to full health, but for all we know, that glow could be a cutscene trigger, or even a special trigger for restoring a small part of the memories Link has forgotten during his 100 year slumber...

guywazeldatatt1038d ago

Unfortunately I didn't interact with it as my time was short, but, just seeing it gave me chills. It was a really emotional moment for me.

wonderfulmonkeyman1037d ago

I saw them interact with it in a previous video, and all it did in the demo was pop up some text saying something akin to "The Goddess smiles upon you".
I'm sure the full game will have it do something more than just that.

quent1038d ago

Just beautiful, I hope the nx will have a cheaper launch price then the wiiu, looking to get back into the ninty games.

guywazeldatatt1038d ago

I assume you don't have a Wii U lol. I'm getting both but figure I'll have an easier time getting a review copy with the Wii U version than NX. I really cannot wait for this game!

SkippyPaccino1038d ago

I pre-ordered it on Wii-u, now just waiting to see what the nx is all about before I pull the trigger.

guywazeldatatt1038d ago

The game is worth it. Playing it at E3 was....well it was the highlight of the show for me.

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