NO MAN’S SKY Continues to Impress After 20 Hours of Intergalactic Gameplay

The hype surrounding No Man's Sky is almost as large as the 18 quintillion planet-filled universe waiting to be explored within the game.

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Razzer1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

I'm 15 hours in and I can't tear myself away from this game. That isn't good! I have a wife! Kids! A Job! Damn you, No Man's Sky!

pyroxxx1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

This is my main problem,.. Even when I get bored ,.. It pulls me back in (or something stupid happens) or I just cruise upside down over the planet all giggity ,..and hours go by like it was nothing,.. It is that what is over the hill thing,.. Minecraft had similar appeal to me. (even traversal is fun,.. once you figure out how to run+mele+boost ,.. and fly around like a boss)

1217d ago
robtion1216d ago

Exactly the same situation. I feel your pain.

Nodoze1217d ago

The game is fantastic. At first it is frustrating as all heck trying to survive the harsh environment. That said I have to say the way the game eases you into the mechanics is great. I get more and more engrossed. It is really really good. All these reviewers who were expecting some dude bro shooter in space need to just shut up. This game is a testament to exploration and discovery. There is combat and an RPG like progression as you hit milestones. I am spending so much time on my starting planet though. I mean it is rich in after work I hit my second job mining Emeril deposits. I never knew mining could be so much fun. Life Support levels low....uh oh off to get more Plutonium. :)

MoveTheGlow1217d ago

Please tell me you named your Emeril-rich planet "Bam!"

Cussing1217d ago

I'm really enjoying it! I can't wait to see where this game ends up!

thornh1216d ago

I've lost track of how many hours I've put in so far. I have not touched another game since NMS launched. I was finally getting a little tired of it yesterday and I was going to call it quits once I visited one more planet. I land on the planet and find a Monolith and go learn a few words. There is a cave nearby so I decide to go have a look. I will occasionally find a rare pearl or something but, typically, I just visit caves to get out of a storm or get some plutonium. I walk into the cave and I see a new object. It's a Vortex Cube. As I look around the cave I see another Vortex Cube. And another. All told there were over a dozen in the cave. I go back to a trading post and get 25K a piece for the cubes. It turns out every cave on the planet has Vortex Cubes!! Needless to say I continued to play for several more hours.

ZeroX98761216d ago

This game is so awesome!

plus what people tends to forget, do any of you guys remembers Minecraft in the early days?

even when it was full released, the game received some more than epic updates. Well guess what? Hello games intends to support the title for quite a long time, so updates are coming for sure to keeps us into the game :)

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