If August is About No Man’s Sky, Is September Going to be About the PS4 Neo?

No Man's Sky is the most talked about PS4 game right now; will we be talking about the PS4 Neo the same way next month?

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Mrveryodd1218d ago

On this site , that would be a yes ...... (

GamingIVfun1217d ago

This site and everywhere, in case you haven't noticed how well the PS4 is doing.

neutralgamer19921216d ago


you mean how this site was bashing ps4 neo rumors/leaks but the moment scorpio was announced all was positive. until it was neo there were daily hate click/bait articles about how sony was leaving it's loyal fans behind but scorpio is nice because you know fanboy LOGIC=microsoft

i guess after neo specs are revealed and are much closer to scorpio than all hate will begin once more

ps4 43 million
xbox one 22-23 million

so one console is 20 million ahead so by that logic there are more playstation fans. is there something wrong with a site having more PS fans when there are more PS brand fans world wide?

just like this site was all pro xbox360 last gen and filled with doom and gloom for ps3

Kurt Russell1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I am under the impression your n4g tag is meant to be ironic.

freshslicepizza1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

"you mean how this site was bashing ps4 neo rumors/leaks but the moment scorpio was announced all was positive."

there will be no charge for this information and that information i am about to give you is what we can expect in the future:

in the past we seen countless articles, comments and tears about the differences in power between the ps4 and xbox one. resolutiongate was big but in the future that will start to change.

the change will come as we get closer to scorpio but in the meantime resolution still matters. but from now on when the neo is further explained and demonstarted the views from resolution will now turn to frame rates. remember all the downplaying of frame rates when we saw games like driveclub come out at 30fps? it was all about its visuals, same thing with games like uncharted 4. us pc people kept saying how frame rates are improtant but we always get shot down by visuals taking precedence. even the makers of ratchet and clank moved on from 60fps gameplay to 30 because they know console gamers would rather they push graphics.

this attitude will slowly change with ps4 neo. some games will push existing games further with the increased power. you will have casualties out there and those people will be existing ps4 owners. jealousy will become rampant. same from nintendo and xbox supporters. neo will prove to be something everyone wants.

but as we get closer to project scorpio and the demonstarations next year at e3 your will see the opinions on this site once again move those goal posts. 4k will be continually downplayed in favor of smooth performance. the comment section will then turn to how 4k is a waste and how all of the sudden smooth frame rates matter most. if that doesn't work to try and discourage any advantage scorpio has over ps4 neo then things will ramp up to how scorpio is actually a next generation system and ps4 neo isn't. and comments will follow like this "just wait until the ps5 hits".

to predict the future all one needs to do is look at the past. so you can thank me later and like i said, free of charge.

but do you want to know the real irony to all of this? the pc. the pc will erase all the drama that will continue to flow. but this is where the irony comes in. the comments will continue to esculate about how the xbox is becomeing redundant yet thsoe people making these claims will continue to buy their games like no man's sky, battlefield one, titanfall 2, the new mass effect and so on for the consoles. you see, mental gymnastics should really be part of the olympics because we have some serious contenders here from all over the world who are already participating. but it is sony who deserves the gold metal. they are the ones who get all the credit for creating these particpants. after all the ps4 neo is designed to counter the pc but their biggest fans will continue to flock to the forums telling the world how the pc makes the xbox irrelevant.

it's magical what sony can do by gettting their loyal fans to stick with the playstation platform while also getting them to market the pc as a viable alternative to the xbox even though they won't be playing on the pc themselves. it really is a thing of beauty but moving goal posts during competition will get you disqualified.

mark_parch1216d ago

for me september is going to be all about forza horizon 3

Eonjay1216d ago

Its a gaming site and the Neo is a gaming console... so of course.

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Sonyslave31218d ago

No man sky is the most talk about alright and it not the good word or mouth you expect.

TwoForce1217d ago

It's not for everyone. But It can be something for some other.

Thatguy-3101217d ago

The game is getting exposure whether it's good or bad. If you ask me the game had a mix reaction. Some people loved it and others hated it but regardless the game is getting coverage and it's the big release of the month. As far as September goes nothing over shadows a hardware unveiling so yes September will be about ps4 neo.

GamingIVfun1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

There is more positive word than negative, hence the 70 metacritic score. It's either the type of game you like or it isn't. Doesn't make it a bad game in general. For the game it is, I think it's great. Had it been a multi console game I don't we would have seen some of the negativity. The pc problems aren't as bad as some are saying either, I haven't had any of the problems except for game caching at the beginning that only lasted about an hour and never showed up again. Installed the beta patch and the game runs pretty darn well, non the less there have been many big releases with similar problems on both PC and console, it's just the nature of video games these days.

Rimeskeem1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

It was getting bad word or mouth prior to it's launch. Mainly xbox players who have nothing better to do because, well, when was the last exclusive that wasn't a Forza or Gears that came to the console again?

poppinslops1216d ago

So those PS4/PC reviews were written by xbox fanatics?

Fact is, people are still voicing their criticisms, despite the game being all but confirmed to be making it's way to xbox... I think the AAA price-tag, coupled with the game's performance issues and Hello Games' mixed-messaging has been far more detrimental to No Man's Sky's reception than any alleged fanboy conspiracies.

neutralgamer19921216d ago


these xbox fanboys will praise NMS the moment it comes to xbox one

it will also be said that originally launched on ps4/pc was a beta for xbox one owners to get the best possible version

1216d ago
ninsigma1216d ago

So delusional it's beyond belief xD

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paddy951216d ago

Headlander and Inside are the games of this month. No man's sky is a meh game with unwarranted hype.

Idiedgoodbye1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I'll need to google those those titles

TheOptimist1216d ago

Try Copy Kitty, if you like Megaman kind of stuff and were one of the many people who hated Mighty No. 9. I think it is better than Inside and Headlander. (Just my opinion though)

wheresmymonkey1216d ago

ummm. Destiny: The Taken King is out next month...

ABBAJESUS1216d ago

3.5 - 4 teraflops or more and im happy

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