5 Video Games That Should Exist

Ever since video games became a real, mainstream form of entertainment, gamers everywhere have been speculating and dreaming of different crossovers or sequels that could be made. Let's talk about 'em

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Timesplitter141216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I think people are much more looking forward to the announcement of HL3 than the game itself, which is why Valve isn't making it.

If I try putting myself in their shoes, I can definitely see how working on Dota 2 and CSGO and organizing multi-million dollar tournaments every year would give me the impression that I'm reaching way more people than if I were working on a nostalgia-fueled single player FPS

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Timesplitter141216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

"A Better and Different No Man’s Sky"
Aside from the fact that this game doesn't exist simply because we don't have the right hardware yet, I don't think this would actually be a good idea in practice. Procedurally generated worlds tend to be soulless and repetitive

There's been a sort of procedural content craze that started in the last few years with the rebirth of roguelikes, but I think we're approaching the end of it. We're starting to see its drawbacks, and I'm starting to miss carefully-designed game worlds

joab7771216d ago

Great ideas seriously. Pokemon Go itself should be an eye opener that even a simple mmo would make them a fortune and sell systems, especially if the nx is a hybrid.

ASoIaF made by From would be epic!!! Personally, for me NMS was even more than I thought so I'm loving it. Problem was that people were thinking GTA5 or Skyrim in space but neglected all the facts, like the difference of a few hundred people working on it.

Also, LFD3 and Portal 3 will probably happen. HL3 missed its mark. Unless they have something special to give us, it may never be made. I think of Valve like Microsoft, they don't have very many original ideas, but what they do is find the best of the beat and bring it to!